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Hibernate is flooding my IDE console with tons of unnecessary informations at every connection. I already read out the documentation and googled trying to solve this issue but till now the ...

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The sample application I am developing keeps writing all the Hibernate queries to Tomcat console. I mean if you start Tomcat on Windows, you will have a small applet kind of ...

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How to configure logging.properties file to bind the value for question-mark(?) for the query shown in console?

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We are using a HibernateMonitor class that implements IMonitor (the code was written by Simon Robins and Eric Everman). The code calls this logger: static private Log log = LogFactory.getLog(HibernateMonitor.class); And it writes all session calls to this. The thing is, I can't find any log file that contains the info that is supposed to be written. I have a copy ...

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I'm using Hibernate 3.1rc and Apache Tomat 5.5.12. For whatever reason, when my application throws an exception, it isn't showing up in the Tomcat logs. I reinstalled Java and Tomcat, but it isn't helping. Does anyone have some ideas of what I should look at? I've never seen anything like this before. Thanks

6. Logging Hibernate 3.2, Struts 1.2.9, Tomcat 5.5, Eclipse 3.2    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, Any help would be appreciated - I've searched the forum and FAQ. Tomcat logging to log/localhost.2006-10-19.log does not work with hibernate - works fine with struts alone Env: Struts 1.2.9, Tomcat 5.5, Eclipse 3.2.0, Hibernate 3.2 hibernate jar files copied to WEB-INF/lib, including hibernate3.jar log4j-1.2.11.jar hibernate.cfg.xml and log4j.properties in src ========================== hibernate.cfg.xml ==========================