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1. Aren't multiple transactions supposed to concur with em.getTransaction()?

When I execute:

public void beginTransaction() {
following an active transaction started in the same way, I get the following exception:
Exception ...

2. How to setup a JTA data source in EclipseLink/JPA 2.0 in an Java EE 6 application for derby embedded database?

I am not able to find ecbDB JTA data source in the unit test. For RESOURCE_LOCAL the same persistence.xml works. Only within an EJB container it fails to locate a JTA data ...

3. JPA Update Query -- Why won't my transaction work?

I am having a performance problem with JavaDB (Derby) writing transactions. Each transaction takes more than 500ms and I might have hundreds of thousands a day. I am expecting ...

4. Row Locking Problem with Derby

I seem to have got it working. I moved "session.flush()" to just BEFORE tx.commit(); I thought the documentation said that the tx.commit() would flush the session for me, but it didn't. I tracked the SQL emitted and it was in this order: SELECT blah FOR UPDATE WITH RR COMMIT UPDATE various other tables Which was NOT followed by a commit, thus ...

5. Concurrency problem with Derby/Jetty.

6. LockMode.UPGRADE seems broken for Derby

Query query = this.getSession().createQuery( "from ShoppingBag s where s.phoneDigits = :p and = :c"); query.setString("p", phoneDigits); query.setString("c", clientName); query.setLockMode("s", LockMode.UPGRADE); List results = (List) query.list();