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1. hibernate transaction factory problem in glassfish    coderanch.com

Hi every body , I am trying to configure hibernate with glassfish. i am new to both gassfish and hibernate. I am using hibernate 3.3.2 , i want to configure transaction factory to use JTATransaction factory hibernate.cfg.xml jdbc/myFirstDataSourcePool net.sf.hibernate.transaction.JTATransactionFactory net.sf.hibernate.transaction.SunONETransactionManagerLookup

2. Transaction Factories and Weblogic 8.1    forum.hibernate.org

Hi, we have some problem when rolling back XA transactions (we use XA enabled connection pools) using Hibernate in Weblogic 8.1 server. Hibernate version: 3.0.5 Weblogic version: 8.1 SP 4 Database: Oracle We've found the problem during the performance tests. Under certain load conditions transaction rollbacks do not work correctly anymore. Weblogic behaves quite strangely. It starts to throw XA_PROTO ...

3. Question: How to use JTA with multiple session factories (on    forum.hibernate.org

Hi guys, I'm facing the scenario coordinating multiple session factories in JTA with Weglogic 8.1 SP5, the database is sybase. In my case, there are multiple databaes existing, so I have to create multiple session factories per the databases. For coordinating them in JTA, I set up multiple xa style database pools in Weblogic and assign them to related session factory ...