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1. JMS Message is getting stale data from Hibernate

I have a managed entity which has a EntityListener attached to it. The EntityListener on PostUpdate and PostPersist adds the entity to a JMS queue to do some more processing. So ...

2. Seam+Hibernate+Tomcat+JTA+jms

i have a project with seam,hibernate,tomcat that works fine and now i need to add cxf/jms or jms and JTA but i don't have idea how i do it. i know that i need a standalone transaction manager for JTA and i was seeing someones but how do i integrate them with seam?

3. JMS, JPA, XA, rollback and all the rest

But what happens is that - when I throw an exception in the SimpleSessionBean, the message is not sent to the MDB, and all database operations are rolled back - when I throw an exception in the MDB, the database operations of the MDB are rolled back, but the database operations of the SimpleSessionBean are committed to the database. To be ...