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1. REQUIRES_NEW annotated method is executed without a transaction?

I have a stateless bean resposible for persisting entities to a database. This stateless bean is called by a message bean's onMessage method. The wired thing is that on the first ...

2. J2EE - JPA - EJB3 - Transactions in MDB methods

I have resource local datasource (Oracle9i) deployed at JBoss 5.1.0:


3. Updated data not retrieving with Hibernate session and MDB in a transaction

I have a method which is doing multiple operation in a transaction. On of the operation is sending message to MDB. I am using hibernate with spring framework. Pseudo code is :

public ...

4. Websphere 5.0 Distributed XA transaction with MDB MQ Q

Hi, I don't know if anyone has dealt with this, but I had a problem that I was working on and finally resolved it. My scenario was that I had an MDB which was reading from an MQ Q and then attempting to update an Oracle 8i database. I received various exception messages. the most prominent was: net.sf.hibernate.TransactionException: could not register ...

5. Right architecture and example of use of the jta in mdb

I pray to you, an aid! I use Hibernate (2.1.8), webwork (2.1.7), Bea (8,1 sp4) view side - I recover the hibernate session in every webwork action - I have static methods ("manager") that save, update, delete my objects. I always give to these method the hibernate-session ejb side many task are launched in contemporary through JMS and approach in competitive ...

6. MS SQL Server deadlock w/ MDB and Stateless EJB

Hello, I have a question I'm sure someone here can help me with; it has to do with deadlocks (I think) in SQL server. I have an application (EJB 3.0 MDB) running in OpenEJB. I'm using Hibernate as the JPA provider. When the MDB ebjCreate() method is called it does does a query against a table and passes the data to ...