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1. How to create temporary tables in Hibernate?


  1. Invoke a CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE statement in Hibernate without using native SQL. That means using HQL or Hibernate APIs only.
  2. Save objects to the temporary table.
  3. Invoke a stored procedure which makes use ...

2. JPA (Hibernate) XA Datasource execute Stored Procedure in Transaction

I'm using JBoss 6, JPA (Hibernate) on Sql Server 2005 using XA Transactions. I am able to run queries and stored procedures, but I am trying to run a certain stored procedure ...

3. problem with changes made by stored procedure in transaction

hi, I'm using hibernate 3.1 adn oracle 10g. During any transaction i call a stored procedure (in EJB1) that modify a register in DB(in EJB2), immediatly and under same transaction(in EJB1), I read the record, but I cant see the changes. The problem is that apparently, when calling store procedure this releases to the connection, the connection is lost. There is ...

4. Stored procedures and optimistic locking

5. Transaction problem in Stored Procedures withtemp tables

Hi, I am using Sybase DB(11.2) with hibernate(3.1.2). I am getting exception if I use hibernate to fetch results from stored procedures which has temp tables inside it, saying hibernate can not extend transaction lock on proc which have temp tables. Is there any work around for this? Please let me know. Pramodh

6. How hibrenate demarca transaction with stored procedures

We mix hibernate with stored procedure using Websphere application server and container managed transaction. When stored procedure finishes, it commits its transaction and cannot be rolled back when there is a need of such. Do we have to use userTransaction to demarcate the transaction in hibernate so that the stored procedure doesn't commit itself? Please give us suggestions. Thanks.

7. Execute a stored procedure after commit

Hi all, I need to execute a stored procedure on an Oracle 11g DB after the commit to a specific table is made, the stored procedure doesn't return any value, but updates some other tables based on the values inserted or updated. I'm using Hibernate3 on glassfish, with JTA managed transactions. Any hint will be appreciated. Thanks in advance Sergio Del ...