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1. Hibernate - apply locks to parent tables in polymorphic queries

I have two objects:

public class ParentObject {
 // some basic bean info

public class ChildObject extends ParentObject {
 // more bean info
Each of these tables corresponds to a differnet table in a ...

2. hibernate versioning parent entity

Consider two entities Parent and Child.

  • Child is part of Parent's transient collection
  • Child has a ManyToOne mapping to parent with FetchType.LAZY
Both are displayed on the same form to a user. When ...

3. Optimistic locking: increment the version of a parent object

It is not an error. It is just a question. How could i increment the version of a parent object when the version of one of its child objects is incremented. I need it to get an optimistic locking at the parent level and not just at child level. For example suppose a bill having many items. When a user modify ...