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1. How to save an Image

2. How to save image to database using Hibernate?

Hi everyone: Had anyone saved picture to database using Hibernate successfully? Can hibernate proccess Blob data type ? I have a table that has a Blob field.(I am using MySQL). It can't save the image if I use the code : Code: PrintWriter pw=null; resp.setContentType("text/html;charset=gb2312"); InputStream ...

3. save images with hibernate

4. persisting image in hibernate

i m trying to persist an image through hibernate.i created a table in MSSQl 2000 and then generated its mapping using hibernate the hbm its type was selected as serializable and in its getter setters it was when i try to fetch the object using find method it gives me targetinvocationclass exception.what do i do?thanx for ur help.

6. Persisting images in database?

7. Persisting images in database?

8. persist java.awt.Image using Hibernate

Use a BLOB would be the most common method. Or store the file on the file system and use a string as a reference to the file. When wondering a question like that, think this "how would the data be stored in the db?", if you can't think of a variable type then you probably can't do it.

9. Saving images to database

Hi, I am reading image files from my applications to buffered images, I want to save them on a column in a MS SQL Server 2000 database. I was searching on Google but I can't even have a clue on how to start. Can anyone give me some tip to do it? Thank you.

10. How i can save image to database

11. Not yet success save image

How to save image to database, i had try like this, still not sucess. thanks for your help. Code: import java.sql.Clob; @Lob @Column(name="PHOTO1", length=Integer.MAX_VALUE - 1) @Basic(fetch=FetchType.LAZY) private Clob photo1; for get image Code: private void jButton1ActionPerformed(java.awt.event.ActionEvent evt) { ...