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1. JPQL TEMEDIFF equvalent

Is there an equvalent of the SQL TIMEDIFF functionality in JPQL? Is that possible to query with JPQL to find the records in specific time range?

2. JPA / JPQL - bulk update

I have to perform a bulk update on a table. Making a fast example :

 UPDATE Book b SET b.amount = b.amount + 1 WHERE b IN ( :books )
The problem is ...

3. UPDATE and JOIN with JPQL

Tutorials and samples about JPQL always deal with SELECT statement and sometimes, simple UPDATE statements. I need to update a table with a join. I have simplified my env : KEY
= id
- ...

4. Update value with join

using Hibernate, I'd like to update a data in the database based on conditions, but I got the following error : "node to traverse cannot be null" Here is my database description ...

5. JPA: Join across two persistence units

I have two different persistence units in my application. I'm using JPA 2.0 with Hibernate as my entity provider. In one of my database schemas, I have a table which contains ...