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1. Forms in Lift with JPA models

there is .toForm in every Mapper field. How do you do this (create forms from models) in JPA models? Thanks in advance, Etam.

2. Hibernate Persisting model

3. Model class does not see updates made by another process

I have a model class that uses @Entity @Name("enterprise") @Table(name="VW_ENTERPRISE") @Cache(usage=CacheConcurrencyStrategy.READ_ONLY) public class Enterprise { ... } That does not see updates to the VW_ENTERPRISE view. The query used gets everything from the table to populate a drop down. In my Access implementation my query looks like: return getSession().getNamedQuery("getEnterprises").setCacheable(true).list(); where the named query looks like:

4. Problem during save of very huge model

Hi all. I'm trying to store a very huge model in a simple save action. This action MUST be A.C.I.D. My model is composed of 15 entities but many thousands of instances of these classes (one root class). A dump of the JVM before the operation it says my memory model (before attachment to the Hibernate session) is + - 40MB. ...

5. Partitioning persistent models

Suppose I have an app that deals with people employment and reading habits. The app has ``core sub-model with Person class, ``employment sub-model with Employer class and ``reading sub-model with Library class. There is one-to-many association between Employer and Person and many-to-many association between Library and Person. In order to express Person-Employer (or Person-Library) association, especially with bidirectional navigation and cascade-xxx ...

6. internal model persisted