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1. javax.persistence/hibernate inside play

I'm new to both hibernate and java, I'm trying to define a simple user->groups->permissions model in playframework, I want the on delete cascade rule enforced at database level and I don't ...

2. JPA , How can I tell what will be saved back to the database

I have a JPA entity that has child collections via OneToMany relationships and I have set cascade=CascadeType.ALL however when I save the parent entity it does not save any changes done ...

3. Play framework JPA problem with save()

I'm trying to save a simple object in the database, but it's giving me problems. This is my object class:

public class Line extends GenericModel{


4. Update a table using JPA in Play Framework

I'm trying to update a table using JPA

EntityManager em=JPA.em();
EntityTransaction entr = em.getTransaction();
  Tblrecordtypefields updateTblrecordtypes = em.find(Tblrecordtypefields.class,9);
i'm getting the error NullPointerException occured : null at updateTblrecordtypes.setFieldlabel("JPATest"); What ...

5. Calculation before db update

I'm using Play Framework and I have what I think is a very frequent persistence problem :

  • I display a form with values coming from the database and a field 'quantity'
  • The user ...

6. playframework persist in jobs

I'm using jobs in playframework. When I make .save() in any entity it dosen't persist in db, I think It's because the entity only is persist when controller return a result ...

7. Play app on Heroku using shared database and model updates

I'm toying with a Play 1.2.3 application (Java) using a Heroku instance with a shared database. My question is: how to update the database schema once the application is deployed? In fact, ...

8. How to update Hibernate delivered with Play?

Play frameworks comes with an old Hibernate version (3.6.1). How can I update Hibernate in my Play application? Via Ivy?