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1. Hibernate saving User model to Postgres

I'm using Postgres via Hibernate (annotations), but it seems to be falling over dealing with a User object:

12:09:16,442 ERROR [SchemaExport] Unsuccessful: create table User (id  bigserial not null, password varchar(255), ...

2. Triggers vs. JPA @PrePresit for creation and update timestamps pros and cons

I am building a new web app and I am using Spring, JPA/Hibernate, and Postgres. Some of my tables have creation_ts and lastupdate_ts columns which are timestamp columns that track when ...

3. Update Table with Hibernate Problem

I'm not able to update a table with Hibernate. The table is created with the following statement and stored in a PostgreSQL Database.

  sta_id serial NOT NULL, -- ID ...

4. redundant data in update statement

Hibernate generates UPDATE statements, which include all columns, regardless of whether I'm changing the value in that columns, eg:

Item i = em.find(Item.class, 12345);
which issues this UPDATE statement:
update Item set A = ...

5. PostgreSQL updating oid content by chunks.

LargeObject largeObject = largeObjectManager.Open(fileId, LargeObjectManager.READWRITE); int size = largeObject.Size(); largeObject.Seek(size); ...

6. Can't save object in PostgreSQL

Hi, I'm new to hibernate and got stuck in ArrayOutOfBoundsException while saving object. Please take a look on the error and give me some hints. Hibernate version: 2.1.3 Mapping documents: client_cid_seq Name and version of the database you are using: PostgreSQL 7.4.2-31 Full stack trace of any exception that ...

7. persistence of objects in postgresql 8.0.2

Newbie Joined: Wed Jun 22, 2005 5:25 am Posts: 6 i'm having problems with keeping my objects persistent. i thought it had something to do with cascades or my mapping files. therefore i tried out the cat-example in the hibernate manual. this gave me the same problem. if i read an object from the database, then change some variable of the ...