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1. JPA: persistent data synchronization, advice needed

I'm trying to create JPA class implementing simple interface:

public interface Task<T> {
    public void setData(T data);
    public T getData();
    public void run();
For ...

2. JPA client-server replication/synchronization framework?

I have a simple client(JavaSE, Swing) - server(Java EE, EJB, JPA) architecture. I would like to create a client side "cache" for my server side entities. For example, if I download an ...

3. many-to-one synchronization issue (parent ref not updated)

MySQL 4.0.20 Hibernate 2.1.4 Tomcat 5.0.19 Summary: User has the property "userStatus" which references a "UserStatus" object. User -> UserStatus is mapped as a many-to-one since a User will have a UserStatus assigned to them. All of this works, however in the case when the administrator goes and edits the UserStatus directly (e.g. to change the name), when the admin then ...