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1. JPA - saving changes without persist() invoked

we are using Toplink implementation of JPA + Spring + EJB. In one of our EJBs we have something like this:

public void updateUser(long userId, String newName){
    User u ...

2. JPA and toplink create-table on if they don't already exist?

Looks like jpa is something which makes me ask a lot of questions. Having added this

<property name="toplink.ddl-generation" value="create-tables"/>
my JPA application always creates tables when running, which results in exceptions in case the ...

3. toplink prefixes table with TL_ while update operation

I have very simple named query on JPA (toplink ):

UPDATE Server s SET s.isECM = 0
I don't carry about cache or validity of already preloaded entities. But database connection is performed ...

4. Get the persistence-unit name

How do you get the name of a persistence-unit in Java? I have a persistence.xml with many units, so I want to control which unit is used to create my EntityManager. There's ...

5. Persistence unit: From Toplink To Hibernate

I am switching from Glassfish / toplink To JBoss / Hibernate. For this project I dl'd the JBoss dev studio ide and installed AS 5.0 GA, and started a new workspace. My code base is on another workspace on which I worked with standard Eclipse 3.4 EE and Glassfish. (am familiar with JBoss semantics from the 3/4.x ejb 2 days.) I ...