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I got this error when starting tomcat.It looks it try to validate the xml with some remote dtd. I have in my xxxx.hbm.xml some strange dtd that throws this error.help!!! I post u the dtd in my xxx.hbm.xml and the error starting tomcat: and the error net.sf.hibernate.MappingException: Error reading resource: rt11000/printdocument/hibernate/StampeComunicazioni.hbm.xml at net.sf.hibernate.cfg.Configuration.addClass(Configuration.java:357) ...

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3. DTD Validation    forum.hibernate.org

Hi fellas, I'm wondering how to disable the DTD validation. I mean, it always goes to the net when starting the application, but that's bad because maybe my client doesn't have access to it. For now I downloaded the DTD and kept it at the client side, but I don't like this solution at all. How to disable the XML-mapping validation? ...

4. turn off dtd validation?    forum.hibernate.org

is there a way to disable dtd validation? one of the servers i deploy to does not have access to the internet. i wanted to change the dtd to SYSTEM as opposed to PUBLIC, but i really don't have the time (project-wise) to find a place to put it on the server... etc. etc. etc. thanks in advance!