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1. Hibernate validator 4.2

2. Custom Realm Using Hibernate to Validate

I have a Custom Realm that I have created and it works if i make a call to a web service on tomcat but will not work if i embed the hibernate directly into the Realm and attempt to validate. I have placed the Realm jar file in ${glassfish_home}/lib directory, is this where it goes? The error trace is looking for ...

3. How to update Hibernate Validator in Glassfish v3

To solve this, I have to update to Hibernate Validator 4.1.0, but Glassfish 3.0.1 is bundled with 4.0.2. I tried to put this lib in my ear as I do with other libs, but Glassfish is still loading this buggy 4.0.2. Also I tried to add to my sun-web.xml with no success.