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1. jpa version cascade

JSR 220: Enterprise JavaBeansTM,Version 3.0

section 3.4.2

paragraph 3

All non-relationship fields and properties and all relationships owned by the entity are included in version checks. My Question: What does "owned by the entity" mean?

2. Cascade Updates - Version Nos

This is a technical question about cascading updates and the way they affect version numbers on child/parent objects. I've notice that with my current setup, which makes use of: - integer version numbers - optimistic locking on aforementioned version numbers - dynamic updates - cascade is set to all-delete-orphan That if I update/create a child object, and saveOrUpdate() the parent object, ...

3. requesting clarification of cascading and versioning

I've been doing some testing and want to validate that my findings are correct behavior for Hibernate. I'm finding that cascade="merge, delete-orphan" on a one-to-many causes version updates on the parent object only if the membership of the collection representing the one-to-many changes. If I update a property on a member of the collection and call merge on the parent, no ...