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1. Recent (>=3.5) version of Hibernate with JBoss 4?    stackoverflow.com

Is this actually possible and are there any instructions around for it? I've read a lot around specifying the classloader and using java2ParentDelegation as false in my jboss-app.xml and moving jars out ...

2. Try to deploy a web application using latest hibernate version to jboss4.2.3.GA    stackoverflow.com

I am trying to deploy a web application using hibernate to Jboss 4.3.2.GA but I am receiving following error.

Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is

4. hibernate-jboss version compatibility    forum.hibernate.org

I actually had issues with JBoss 4.0.1 and Hibernate3. When JBoss loaded the hibernate-service.xml file, I got ClassCastExceptions between org.hibernate classes and net.sf.hibernate classes. Is there a way around this? Does JBoss have the old hibernate in its classpath somewhere? I would prefer to use the latest versions of both. If you need more details, I can recreate the environment. Thanks! ...

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