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I have a database that is being used as a sort of version control system. That is, instead of ever updating any rows, I add a new row with the same ...

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I came across a similar problem when trying to set the LIMIT in a query with a named parameter ie: select Object(c) from Customer c ORDER BY c.lastName DESC LIMIT :limit The workaround (not nice - but works !) was to add a WHERE clause: WHERE ( :limit >=0 OR :limit < 0 ) -Mike

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Essentially my situation is thus. I have an object Foo with two OneToMany relationships, a list of other Foos (children) and a list of Bars, both these relationships are managed on the ManyToOne side and the OneToMany uses a mappedBy. At some point I need to take an action depending on whether any Bar contained in a Foo has a property ...