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1. Multiple Hibernate.cfg.xml problems

I have a very sticky problem for all Hibernate Gurus. I have built a maven, hibernate project in eclipse wich uses annotations and the famous HibernateUtil class wich can be found at The project handles Languages, Users and Markets. This project is included in another project altso hibernate, maven that handles another task. My problem here is that when Hibernate ...

2. Anyway to Configuration Multiple cfg files based on one cfg

Hi, We have an Application which is having another 2 or more subproducts. Our Application is hosted in ASP Model. We will be using the same DB for all products. We are using single hibernate.cfg.xml file which is having all products and sub products pojo classes. We would like to packaging the version into different products. We have some sysconfig tables ...

3. Multiple hibernate.cfg.xml files

I am working with a larger application that will be deployed as multiple ears and jars which can either operate independently or in unisom. There is one shared framework.jar which all modules use as a foundation. Currently, each module has its own hibernate.cfg.xml file and its own set of hibernate mappings. The foundation framework.jar also has its own config and mappings ...

4. multiple hibernate.cfg.xml files

5. Multiple mapping files in hibernate.cfg.xml

6. how to handle Multiple hibernate.cfg.xml files

Is it possible to have Multiple hibernate.cfg.xml files in the same application (ear)? I have a pre-built ear(this cannot be modified), I written some addtional functionality (a jar) which uses hibernate for db access. When bundled together and deployed(in the same jvm) it seems to be having problem picking up the configuration. Any Ideas. Thanks