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1. can i programmetically set the hibernate.cfg.xml file configuration in java?

I am newbie for Hibernate. i want to know how to configure database configuration and mapping in Java file without using hibernate.cfg.xml file. Thanks

2. Two hibernate.cfg.xml files?

I have two applications, let's call them Small and Large. Small does not know anything about Large; Large is built on top of Small and has it in classpath. Both use hibernate: same user, same schema, same connection pool (when running within the same JVM), etc. Is there any way to split hibernate.cfg.xml into two? small.cfg.xml for Small, small.cfg.xml + large.cfg.xml ...

4. How to make hibernate.cfg file dynamic??????

I want to use on both mysql and oracle db. But i have to use different dialect,url,username,password and port properties in hibnernate files for different databases. How to make it as a generic one? Or is there any possibilty to transmit data from my java program to hibernate.cfg.xml files and use those values. Thanks.

5. Include contents of external XML file in hibernate.cfg.xml

I would like to know how to include the contents of an external XML file in the hibernate config file using a relative pathname. Is this possible? I've searched around a bit and found a way to do it using an ENTITY mapping in the DTD, but that requires I use an absolute path name.

6. merge hibernate.cfg.xml files

I have two jars A.jar and B.jar. A.jar contains a.hibernate.cfg.xml which references a_mapping.hbm.xml (also contained in A.jar). Similarly B.jar contains b.hibernate.cfg.xml which references b_mapping.hbm.xml (also contained in B.jar). When my application starts, I would like a single hibernate SessionManager to load both of the hibernate configurations from these two jars. Essentially, I want to merge a.hibernate.cfg.xml and b.hibernate.cfg.xml. All datasource and ...

8. "hibernate.cfg.xml file not found"

dear seniors... i have tried a lot of example aplications using hibernate. but i couldnt solve the errors i am getting when applied. most of them are using ANT build type applications... so i tried by myself doing some small applciation to update some values to a table in our Database. today i did that thing and its working ! but ...

9. file hibernate.cfg.xml

The file hibernate.cfg.xml Code: false

10. please tell me a solution for keeping hibernate.cfg.xml file

Not an hibernate question ;) don't know if you are using any j2ee enabled plugin to generate content of WEB-INF/classes but i'll recommend to compile under a target/WEB-INF/classes directory and then have your compilation process copy the content of your webapp/* directory into the target directory. A better solution might be to use maven and it's maven:war target as it does ...

11. Using cfg.xml configuration files : what semantics???

Hello, I am trying to configure Hibernate for more than one day with c3p0 connection pool in a cfg.xml file. I have searched all around the web to find someone explaining how the properties have to be written but all I find is examples, and none of them is complete enough (of course, theses are examples!). Isn't there a place where ...

12. Regarding Configuration in hibernate.cfg.xml file

Hai All friends ! I am new for Hibernate.i have install hibernate 3.1 in d: and using eclipse platform for i configure hibernate.cfg.xml file as following manner.. com.mysql.jdbc.Driver jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/gametrixinc gametrixinc arena 10 true org.hibernate.dialect.MySQLDialect update

13. Configuration file hibernate.cfg.xml

Hello. I've searched thru general posts, main doc in "getting started" and faqs also. An no place I have found where to put (and how to indicate then to the app) the hibernate.cgf.xml. As I already have it, its packed in my jars from my root src dir as doc says, but the trouble is I can't recompile/redistribute the app for ...

14. Can hibernate.cfg.xml refer to another file for values

[quote="christian"]You can use XML placeholders (XML external DTD entities), I think there is an example in the Hibernate reference documentation for mapping files. This also works in XML configuration files.[/quote] I have your book right here and I have looked at the configuration related pages, but I am not able to find the answer. I have two file "mssql-ds.xml" and "hibernate.cfg.xml". ...

15. Connecting without the hibernate.cfg.xml file

hi, I'm new in this forum, and I need some help because I'm building a simple program using hibernate. Well, I connected to mysql using hibernate using the "hibernate.cfg.xml" file and it was all good, but my problem is that I don't know how to connect to mysql, BUT using custom properties, I mean, from my program I want to write ...

17. Regarding details about the hibernate cfg file

Hi, I am using hibernate with struts, whenever I start the web server it will cteate the sessionfactory object, and also It is doing the DDL operations like creating the tables & alter the tables without removing the existing datas in the table. My cfg file is ..

18. placing the hibernate.cfg.xml file.

I have created a Hibernate application that runs as an executable jar on JDK 6 on Ubuntu 9.4. If I put the hibernate.cfg.xml file in the same directory as I am executing the app, the app finds the file and all is well. I need to keep this file external to the executable jar. Is there a way my Hibernate app ...