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1. why jsf is better than struts?

someone said to me that jsf is better to share information within context, but struts 1.1 can't. In JSR168, if we need to develop a portlet, share information in context is critical. so ...

2. Templating and trying to reference context path from inside a CSS file

I'm working with JSF and XHTML templates, I'm using a CSS file in the templates, the background images being called like:

background-image: url("../../images/imageFile.jpg");
Because I'm using templates I found out that I ...

3. How to get the context root directory in Java EE6 application from a POJO?

I have a JEE 6 application with JSF 2 and Tomcat 7. Now I have a POJO. This POJO should read a properties file. The properties file is is located in ...

4. Creating new context in JSF

HI, We are navigating, for example from page A to C. When we are in page C, user clicks the back button of the browser and goes back to the previous application ...

5. how to update model information from current context

I can not seem to get comments per movie from moviesDetail.jsp. What am I doing wrong?

           <h:dataTable value="#{comments.commentsItemsPerMovie}" var="item" border="0" cellpadding="2" ...

6. Ways to override context-param in web.xml during or after deployment in JBoss AS 6

In my current JSF 2 project, one setting in the web.xml is

And its value should be set to Production instead Development on ...

7. Creating expanded WAR on JBoss results in: could not find Factory: javax.faces.context.FacesContextFactory

I have developed a JSF appliction and deployed on JBoss. When I deploy myapp.war file, it starts and works correctly. But when I create myapp.war folder in jboss/default/deploy and place the ...

8. JSF External Context getRealPath

I'm using JSF 2.1.2. On my locale machine

returns the correct path to the file! On another machine it returns null. I deployed the same WAR file on both machines. Both are running a Weblogic Server ...

9. Does com.sun.faces.context.RequestMap belong to the JSF API?

requestScope is a com.sun.faces.context.RequestMap object, I found its methods reference at I wonder if it belongs to the JSF API. The packages here are different ...

10. How to: specify a context path for links in a JSF application?

Possible Duplicate:
How get the base URL?
How do i specify a context path for JSF application so that I dont need to provide full urls ...

11. Faces Context getting lost after returning from a filter

We are upgrading a JSF application from Weblogic 8.1 to Weblogic 10.3.4. Also upgrading the JSF version from myfaces 1.1.4 to myfaces 2.0.8. In the application, we need to generate a ...

12. JSF Newbie: Faces context not found

I got it working on JBoss! I searched down the "default" server's path and sure enough, there was that jsf-libs directory. I stopped the server, deleted that directory, restarted the server and it worked! Thanks for all who helped me figure this one out. Of course, no one on this forum did :-). But thanks to those who have struggeled and ...

13. Accessing property file from outside Application Context

I have a property file stored somewhere on disk say c:\tmp\ This property file contains name value strings e.g version=6.0 etc.. I need to access this file from JSF page and access the values of the given names(key's).This property file is not localized. I can not use because basename only loads the file which are in the web application ...

14. no faces context

Originally posted by sanju dharma: Hi , I am new to JSF. I am following tutorials at But I am getting above error "no faces context" when I go to main URL . Looks like it is very basic error . I searched on this forum and on search engines and tried various things . But no result. Can anybody ...

17. About Clearing messages in context

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22. JSF outcome across contexts

23. javax.faces.context.ResponseWriter implementation

Hi guys. I have a question about ResponseWriter. Where are the methods that perform the actual work located? I'm wanting to thoroughly understand how it works, and I see examples all the time of folks using ResponseWriter and using it's methods and what not, but it is an abstract class and all of the most useful methods are declared abstract as ...

24. Retaining table context

27. Serve files outside the context

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