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1. How to inject managed bean into FacesContext?

How can I replace an @ApplicationScoped managed bean with my own copy of it in FacesContext? All I have is an instance of FacesContext (I'm inside JSFUnit).

2. JSF 2.0 Injecting managed bean with a different scope

I have a controller that is stateless which takes care of processing forms. This is defined as ApplicationScoped. On my page I have a form associated to a backing bean defined ...

3. Managed Bean with Services injected

Hello all, I am working in a system that uses JSF and Spring and the services used by the Managed Beans are injected. But now I am with a problem, one of the services injected is not serializable (uses some Jpa classes that I cannot change) AND I need to put the MBean in a a4j:keepAlive (that requires a serializable MBean). ...

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