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1. JSF: Backing beans (@ManagedBean) or CDI Beans (@Named)?

I've just started reading through Core JavaServer Faces, 3rd Ed. and they say this (emphasis mine):

It is a historical accident that there are two separate mechanisms, CDI ...

2. JSF 2.0 managedbeans problem!

? have a problem about jsf 2.0 managedbeans. the problem is that, ? create two objects in my managedbean and when ? set the data of one of them the other ...

3. Where should I open / close JMS connections in a JSF ManagedBean?

In a simple demo web app using JSF 2 and Ajax, there is a method in the ManagedBean which receives messages from a JMS queue:

public class Bean {


4. How to get managedbean property from another bean in JSF

I searched similar questions but I'm a bit confused. I have a login page, so LoginBean also which is;

@ManagedBean(name = "loginBean")
public class LoginBean implements Serializable {    

5. Handling Data between ViewScoped ManagedBeans

I am trying to do smth like this:

public class Bean2{
     public void saveChanges(){
         //saving changes...

6. Getters and Setters In ManagedBean

I have JSF page with no dataTables, only textfields and buttons and corresponding java classes. I have created a class called A with getters and setters with constructors and another class called ...

7. JSF Named Bean, Eager application scoped (aka @ManagedBean(eager=true) )

Is there any way to initialize Named Bean annotaded by javax.inject.Named/javax.enterprise.context.ApplicationScoped like @ManagedBean(eager=true) from javax.faces package?

public Mail() { ... }
I want to load this class when application starts, not when webapplication ...

8. ManagedBean returns null

I have a project hosted in google code where it begins give me the follow error :

Target Unreachable, identifier 'userc' resolved to null
This is my managed bean ...