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1. JSF - Get the SessionScoped Bean instance

I have this configuration on my web application. 2 beans : 1° Bean - It checks the login;

public class Login {
    private String nickname;
    private String ...

2. CDI SessionScoped Bean results in two instances in same session

I've got two instances of a SessionScoped CDI bean for the same session. I was under the impression that there would be one instance generated for me by CDI, ...

3. sessionscoped managedbean passivation

I'm reading about JSF2 and ManagedBeans. I've got a question related to passivation. I've recently asked for different use cases of @Stateful EJBS and @SessionScope @ManagedBean here: sessionscoped managed bean vs ...

4. Where to cache : Database cache or App server using SessionScoped managed beans?

I am building web app using Casssandra DB & Java with JSF 2.0. Cassandra has its own caching layer and also I can cache using SessionsScoped managed beans in JSF. I would ...

5. How to update the JSF sessionscoped managed bean if i access it?

As title. The problem is the attribute in the bean is fixed after init(). I want to update the count attribute when ever i access #{} method in JSF I want to stick with ...

6. How do I get a SessionScoped CDI bean from inside a Filter?

This question is related to a previous one on writing a session timeout handler. The answer in that thread involved accessing various session-scoped managed beans from the servlet. The recommendation ...

7. When injecting a @SessionScoped CDI bean in another one, does they belong to the same session?

I'm writing a JSF application, and I need to inject a named bean into another, for example:

public class BeanA implements Serializable{
    @Inject private BeanB b;

10. Inject SessionScoped Bean in ViewScoped Bean

Hi I have a problem Injecting a Session Bean into a View Bean: I have 2 portlets and i try to use IPC via IcePush, it worked while the history was a static field in the PushTest Bean, but i want to have it in the Session. @ManagedBean @ViewScoped public class PushTest implements Serializable { @ManagedProperty(value="#{pushTestSessionBean}") private PushTestSessionBean ptsb; @PostConstruct ...