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1. How does JSF find beans annotated with @ManagedBean?

As far as I know, for using @Annotations (or [Attributes] in C#) you have to have a reference to the class metadata, so that you can ask if the class is ...

2. Using hibernate validator to validate annotated beans

I'm trying to validate an input from my JSF as described in I've added the following dependencies in my pom.xml



3. Annotations vs managed beans declarations in faces-config.xml

I'm getting my hands on JSF 2.0 and have certain doubt about new annotation based auto-wiring (declaration of managed beans without any code in faces-config.xml). As far as I am annotations are ...

4. Injection of EJB3 into Annotation Based JSF2 Backing bean causing javax.naming.NameNotFoundException:

I have seen other thread with similar issue but was not able to work out direct link with my problem . Hopefully I am not repeating a question.My issue is ...

5. JSF manged property for multivalues

As suggested by BalusC as an answer to this question, I wanto to create a managed property like this:

private String[] ftValues;

public String[] getFtValues(){ 
    return ftValues;

public void ...