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2. Managed bean

Hello folks I have this JavaBean : package controller; import beans.Association; import beans.Personne; import; import model.Model; import model.SimpleModel; import views.ListView; import views.View; public class AssociationListController implements Controller, Serializable { private Model model; private View view; private Personne personne; public void setModel(Model model) { this.model = model; } public void setPersonne(Personne personne) { this.personne = personne; } public void setView(View view) ...

3. Bcking Bean Vs Managed Bean

5. control the running order of different back bean functions

I'm using JSF 1.1 to create a web app. In a page, I have a link, when you click it, it will switch between English and French, and so does the rest of content on the page. But I found a table's header is switching one step behind for language change, that is, when I click French, the table header is ...

8. List in backing bean

9. JSF, bean and vector

In my bean, I have vector (with get and set methods). Vector contains few objects. Inside every object there are three strings. I need to access and print those strings in my JSF page. I know I should use JSTL, but i don't know how to deal with this vector and i don't know how to access Vector from bean. Could ...

10. Creating List/Array of Managed Beans

11. How to accessing PhaseId from managed bean

If you want a backing bean to know what phase its methods are being called from, you're probably about to do something horrible. Backing beans are supposed to be essentially POJOs. As far as it goes, the phases that invoke the various methods are quite predictable, but since the methods themselves shouldn't exhibit variant behavior depending on phase, there's not much ...

12. relation between backing beans

14. Send value to mulitple beans

15. updating value in bean 2 from bean 1

16. JSF managed bean question

17. Can't get to the bean methods

Hi I'm a starter on JSF 2.0, and i have been trying to play a bit on it, but i'm on a heavy battle against a weird case here, can't find a reason for this problem: I have this facelets composition: