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1. NullpointerException Binding not working JSF managed bean

I created a simple HtmlInputText

  <h:inputText binding="#{IndexBean.objUIInput}" />
Then in my managed bean, it is :-
   private   UIInput objUIInput;

    public UIInput getObjUIInput() {

2. jsf immediate="true" question regarding binding to session bean

I have a listing page that goes to an add page. The add page has a name textbox whose value is bound to a session scoped bean. The listing page has an ...

3. Binding Contents of a ListBox to Selected Item from Another Listbox w/JSF & Managed Beans

I currently have a JSF application that uses two listboxes. The first, say ListBox1, contains a list of manufacturers; each option comes from the database (via a method getManufacturers in ...

4. What is the correct way to bind input value to JSF managed bean property?

I am new to JSF and managed beans. I have a managed bean with some private property with public setter and getter methods. Now when I add the managed bean's properties ...

5. jsf table edit : retaining original values in bean in case reset button is pressed for row

I have a data bean collection bind with my tomhawk table. Now lets say i want to edit a row, so i make all the fields in that row editable and change ...

6. JSF inputHidden not binding to backing bean!

I've a h:panelGrid in my JSF page and inside that i have a h:inputText and a h:commandButton. I want to show user that when he enters something in inputText, its added ...

7. Binding a Property Data Table @ JSF with a Managed Bean

I have a JSF page that has a property datatable a.k.a

I need to bind this dataTable to a backing bean, question is: How do I instantiate the variable that ...

8.  binding solution

i have one component as below,which is binded by HtmlSelectManyCheckbox,

<h:selectManyCheckbox id="chk_weekdays"

9. Binding paneltab to object in the backing bean

I am currently using JSF 1.2 and I run into current problem to see if this is feasiable and effective. I have this in my view:

<x:paneltab id="panel1" label="Panel #1">

10. How do I bind this bean property?

13. How bean binding takes place in JSF?

14. managed bean value binding

16. How to give a h:inputHidden element an initial value and bind it to a backing bean?

Hi, I'm using MyFaces 1.1.5 with Tomahawk 1.1.7. I have a dataTable and each row contains a commandLink that submits to a page requiring a single value. I have chosen to put this value in a hidden field, but I don't know how to bind the hidden field's value to to the backing bean's field. Here's what I have so far ...