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We are using JDeveloper 11g. Both a Model and ViewController project that makes use of ADF fusion and what not. My web-xml has an EJB reference for a stateful session EJB . I have ...

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This converter is called from my JSF. I already register it inside faces-config.xml

public class ProjectConverter implements Converter{

    DocumentSBean sBean;


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I need some clarification. I know how to work with JSF and its corresponding session beans, but i am getting confused with EJB. What is the difference between the beans introduced ...

4. Why can't I inject 2 EJB's into 2 different managed beans that inject each other?    stackoverflow.com


   @Named(value = "contactsBean")
public class ContactsBean implements Serializable {

    ContactsFacade contactsEJB;
    private List<Contacts> contacts = new ArrayList<Contacts>();

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I have a problem with validation and the various ways to do it. For example, in a simple form, a field which is attached in a model object model has BeanValidation annotations, ...

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I'm working on JSF1.2 + EJB3.0 + Websphere The whole business logic layer and Data layer (EJB 3.0) are tested and work successfully from the beginning. After I integrated JSF1.2, ...

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i'm having many managed beans and was wondering if i could create a UtilClass where i put my services calls (@EJB). I've already tried it but i'm having a NullPointerException. this ...

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I could not find a definitive answer to whether it is safe to spawn threads within session-scoped JSF managed beans. The thread needs to call methods on the stateless EJB instance ...

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I'm working on a JSF project on Weblogic 11g, and our initial design is calling for JSF Backing Beans to invoke EJB3.0 beans to perform business logic and data access calls. ...

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I have a stateless EJB and two different SessionScoped managed beans. e.g. EJB as follows -

public classs MyEjb implements MyEjbLocal {
    private EntityManager em;
and a ...

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Say I have an Entity class, Car.

public class Car
My IDE lets me automatically generate session beans from entity classes, so I end up with a CarFacade
public class CarFacade
I can also generate ...

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I have a EJB bean that exposed to two interface like below: Local interface is for my web app, and Remote interface is for my App Client

public class CoreMainEJB implements CoreMainEJBRemote, ...

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I am learning JEE6 and I am trying to grasp the overall image of it. I am reading about JSF and how adding components. I am setting/reading values from the components ...

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