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I created a web service in java which returns List which works perfectly fine. But, when i call that webservice in my JSF managed bean it throws exception. Here is the ...

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For school I'm making this website which is a look-a-like of twitter. Now I have this nullpointer exception for over 2 days now. I would like some help on the following ...

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I have a JSF managedbean I am getting the error when a managed bean is referred from from JSF page in WebSphere AppServer.

<h:inputText value=#{bean}/>
The bean is defined in the faces-config.xml as ...

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When I try to save an entity which is not compliant with their JPA validation-annotations, my view (JSF) displays the exceptions. I wonder:

When is validated the entity?

What is handling/linking my validation exceptions ...

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I have the following 2 ManagedBean:

public class MakeReservation {
    private CartManagedBean cartSession;

public class CartManagedBean {

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In my .xhtml page, I have the following form:

<ui:composition xmlns:ui="http://java.sun.com/jsf/facelets"

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I am populating an h:selectOneMenu from the getter of a managed bean. This getter class calls the database and retrieves the list of f:selectItems for the drop down box. 2 Questions 1) Is the getter of the managed bean the right place to be doing this? It just feels like I am basically calling the database directly from the view... 2) ...

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Hi All, I am using a managed bean with only one boolean property. Iam changing the status of this bean from different pages based on ceratin conditions. Iam abale to set the property in some pages, but in some pages iam having the above exception when i call this bean and setting the property. Please let me how to overcome this. ...

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