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1. Remove Session scoped managed bean on browser close

In a JSF application, I want to remove a session-scoped managed bean when the user closes their browser window. I've used a link before that executes the following:

This seems to do ...

2. Retrieve the fragment (hash) from a URL and inject the values into the bean

I am looking for a way to inject values from the fragment (#) of a URL into bean(JSF), in the same way query-parameter values are injected. I am using Ben Alman's ...

3. Invoke Backing bean method from JavaScript + JSF

I want to invoke backing bean method from javascript function in JSF. Please could you guide me how to achive this. Regards, Ravi Krish

4. Get hidden value set by JavaScript in JSF backing bean

I want to get a JavaScript value in a JSF backing bean. I've tried the following: JSF:

<h:inputHidden id="fileName" value="#{TestBean.fileName}" />
<a4j:commandButton id="button" value="Send Mail" action="#{TestBean.send}" onclick="onCall()"/>
public String send() {

5. How to pass javascript values to JSF EL and backing bean?

I am doing JSF geolocation service where i need to pass latitude and longitude to bean for processing. HTML5 allows getting location with javascript, for example like is done in ...

6. Close JSP popup window from within backing bean?

Currently, I have a commandButton element in my jsp declared like this:

 <h:commandButton id="saveButton" value="Save" type="submit" action="#{}" onclick="window.close();" />
Once this button is clicked, the backing bean method will be called and ...

7. How to detect in JSF when the backing bean method returns

I need to detect when the backing bean method returns so that I can execute a javascript function. Alternatively, calling javascript code directly from within java source code would be helpful. ...

8. How to iterate over a backing bean list of strings in JavaScript

I need to pass an array of strings from the backing bean to the JSP. I can use a h:dataTable and display each string as a h:column entry with no problem. ...

9. How to forward a response to a JSF page from Backing Bean?

Im currently working in a JSF project and stuck with an issue. I have a requirement like,

  1. I have a button. Clicking on the button should trigger a dojo dialog box ...

10. Replacing the behavior of JS Alert Box in JSF 2.0 with what?

I am using JSF 2.0 with JSPX and Woodstock. I have a form whose input fields have validation checks and there is a submit button. Right now when I click on ...

11. Call action methods in controller managed beans through javascript

In order to reducing the state I am trying to reduce the no of commandButtons on my webpages.(I had large no of commandButtons shown under a long list of 20 items ...

13. JSF page submitting to backing bean, even javascript validation fails...

Hi, I have a datatable and buttons (like create, edit and delete) on JSF page. if user clicks on edit button, with out selecting a row - it should give the popup saying..."Please select a row" I am calling Javascript function to get the pop up. ( even i am getting pop up succesfully..) But when i click on OK of ...

19. how to get javascript value into bean

I am having command links on my.jspx page, when I rigth-click on that command links my menupopup get executed. I have put onmouseover javascript event, using that I am getting the value of that link. now my problem is I want that value in backing bean. for that i have used hidden textbox but value is not getting displayed init. so, ...

20. How to get the managed bean property value inside the javascript method in facelets?

Hi Gurus, Can anyone tell me how to get the managed bean property value inside the javascript method something like function showMainCat(){ var hidCode = "#{descriptionSearch.hiddenCode}"; } I cannot get the hiddenCode property of descriptionSearch managed bean in this. Can anyone help me to let me know how to get this value inside javascript method Thanks. Regards, Ilaya

21. Setting value to property of managed bean from javascript

If you're popping up a new window, I hate popup windows passionately. My browser is set top open new windows as tabs because I've got enough windows littering my screen without multiple browser windows adding to the confusion. Plus (more practically), anything you do in the popup window won't be reflected in the parent window unless you explicitly refresh the parent ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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