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1. JSF Navigation issue Facelets and Beans

I have an issue with navigation in my simple jsf system. I have MainBean that has two methods: public String register() and public String login(). I have played with faces-config.xml for several hours ...

2. JSF 2 Managed Bean problems with scope view

Hi i am using JSF2 for a web app developement but i'm on a mental block on this problem: I have a basic bean that lives on scope


3. Does view scope bean survive Navigation JSF

I am quite confused with the view scope. I thought it could survive a JSF navigation to another page (no redirect, obviously), but it doesn't. So what's the advantage to use ...

4. Most efficient JSF 1.2 navigation by java

I've got a dropdown on my index.xhtml JSF front page. The associated code/commandButton looks like this:

    <h:selectOneMenu id="nodes" value="#{MyBacking.chosenNode}">
    <f:selectItems value="#{MyBacking.nodes}" />

<a4j:commandButton value="Retrieve" styleClass="ctrlBtn"

5. Can a Java ManagedBean method return null?

I have always returned null when I wanted the user to return to the same page. For example, if the user requests to Edit Groups, but he doesn't have access to ...

7. how to use managed bean property in navigation rule tag of faces config.

how to use managed bean property in navigation rule tag of faces config. i am using JSF1.2. /Reports.jsp success /Reports.jsp I have a menaged bean which has the scope session. How can i use that managed bean property in navigation rule like /Reports.jsp success /Reports.jsp?username=${myBean.userName} i want to add "username=${myBean.userName}" Please suggest its ...