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1. Managed bean property value not set to null

I'm new to JSF, so this question might be strange. I have an inputText component's value bound to managed bean's property of type Float. I need to set property to null ...

2. Managed bean is sometimes null and sometimes not

I have a managed bean LoginBean:

@ManagedBean(name = "loginBean")
public class LoginBean implements Serializable {

    private String email, password;
    private BasicUser user;

    /** Creates ...

3. jsf 2.0 bean extends another bean Target Unreachable, 'null' returned null

public class SuperUser extends User implements Serializable{
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;

  private String username;

  private String pin;

 //getters and setters
when I use this in ...

4. JSF2.0 PostConstructApplicationEvent managed bean is null

We have JSF2.0 in Tomcat6.0 , need to initialize a ApplicationScope Bean while web server is started.
I tried using the PostConstructApplicationEvent processEvent method to initialize the Bean , but the managed ...

5. Rerender elements in view after return null from bean

I have this situation: I am developing "Previous - Next" button navigation in a list of objects in view and after a new page is loaded I determine weather to show these ...

6. Two managed-property in the managed bean ,the second is always NULL

I have to pass 2 properties to a managed bean, but the problem is that just th first property is passed the second is always NULL this is my managed bean:

<managed-bean-class>DAOKPI.TestAjax</managed-bean-class> ...

7. JSF 2.0 Faces Config.xml managed bean returns as NULL

This questions is same as the one i asked before , I am re-phrasing it for clarity. During the application server start up , if i try to load the managed bean ...

8. ejbFacade is null

I call the managedBean from the jsf page overzichtAlleGroepen.xhtml But when I get on this page i get the errormessage can't instantiate managedBeans.OverzichtAlle due to a Nullpointerexception... When I debug, I see ...

9. Managed bean not retaining input values and returning null after packaging in separate JAR

I have a very strange behavior in a managed-bean where it is not retaining the values sent from the jsf and when it s going to process the POST then the ...

12. bean properties are coming back null

For some reason, the bean properties are returning null even after the set is called for the UpdateModelValues phase. This really confuses me. We are assigning the value using ValueExpressions. We are using Exadel Studio, and we can see the setter getting called from debug mode. Thee only place it is not null is when the UpdateModelValues occurs. If anyone could ...

14. Bean Value is always Null