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1. How to fetch multiple parameters with the same key into a JSF managed bean

Let's say I have this request:

In myview.xhtml
  <f:viewParam name="a" value="#{myBean.a}"/>
  <f:viewParam name="b" value="#{myBean.b}"/>
In MyBean
String a;

String b;
I thought that setB(String b) would be invoked twice, so I can add the ...

2. JSF view parameters in different beans

I've got a page called trip.xhtml where I take parameters out of the URL using the following code:

            <f:viewParam name="tripid" ...

3. Warning "[Parameters] Parameters : Invalid chunk ignored" when posting from a managed bean

I am opening a HttpURLConnection from within a managed bean to post to an external service. When I make the call to HttpUrlConnection.getInputStream() I am getting the following warning:


4. GET Parameter View Scoped Bean

I have a strange effect on my JSF2/richfaces 4 project. I use a viewscoped bean and a datascroller to view some data from my backing bean. The bean is viewscoped and ...

5. Calling a function in a bean where the bean name is on another bean as a parameter

You can't "call a function on a bean", but you can invoke getters/setters and action processors indirectly. It's actually quite simple: #{bean1.beanName.functionCall} If you had a property named "beanName" in bean1 which was itself a bean with a property or action method named "functionCall", the preceeding code would invoke it. It's all part of the Expression Language (EL).

6. Sending parameters to another Bean

8. JSF read GET Parameters into Backing Bean

Hi, I am trying to read in my backing bean the given GET parameters from an URL like: I need each call of the page the property, which is set in the URL. My problem: I do only have session as my scope. So I tried to write an redirect like:

9. Problem in obtaining collection of parameters onto my backing bean

Hi All, I am working on a page 'browse.jsp' to implement a customization in the Alfresco CMS wherin in the "details" view, inclusion of checkboxes besides the document names and their checking and submission will result in thier display in a subsequent JSP. Here is my code snippet from line no 411 of 'browse.jsp' is my backing bean. <%-- Primary ...

12. JSF 2.0 and calling a backing bean method with a parameter - method not found

Well, I'm not really comfortable with putting method calls on the JSF View definition, parameterized or not, but the first thing to check is to make sure you have the EL 2.2 processor running. JSF2 alone isn't enough, if the EL processor you're using doesn't know how to parse the method call properly.