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1. get a backing bean property value from another bean

It is possible to access or to get a backing bean property value from another backing bean in JSF?

2. managed beans as managed properties

I am using JSF 1.1 on WebSphere 6.1. I am building search functionality within an application and am having some issues. I've stripped out the extras, and have left ...

3. When Managed Bean creates and property of the beans creates?

In our application we use jsf,we have to redirect the user to home page after their session will be expired.For that i need a path of the home page which i ...

4. Set properties to jsf managed-bean

Have following first .jsf:

<ui:repeat var="prod" value="#{showProducts.decoys}">

5. JSF not updating certain backing bean properties

I'm working in a project wich uses JSF 2.0 with PrimeFaces 2.2 . Currently we're working with a wizard (PrimeFaces component) that will guide the user through the registration process. We have ...

6. In JSF, how to get a property of a managed bean using ELResolver

I am working on a method in a library. The method is passed a bean name and property name, and I would like to use ELResolver to retrieve the value ...

7. JSF property transfer from backing bean A to backing bean B

I'm getting deeper into JSF 2.0 at the moment and lacking a bit of understanding about the "transport" of managed bean properties from one view to the other. I searched a ...

8. Custom validation message for bean validation

I'm creating a JSF 2-application and I'm trying to use form validation in the bean instead of the faces-page. I'd also like to use a .properties file to store the messages. I ...

9. Is it not possible to access a managed property inside a non managed bean class?

Is it not possible to access a managed property inside a non managed bean class by using @ManagedProperty(value="#{beanName}")? I am getting a NullPointerException while trying to do that!

10. How to collect multiple related properties in a single backing bean property?

Is there a way to replace this in backing bean

private int room1ad
private int room1ch
private int room1ch1
private int room1ch2
private int room1ch3
private int room1ch4
// getters & setters
and this in the view
  <h:selectOneMenu ...

11. Bean property and method access

12. Sharing bean properties between forms

14. mapping bean properties question

15. Cant set managed bean property.

16. reset session scope managed-bean properties to default

Thanks for advice. Your solution resolved parts of my problem. My problem is, that the action which should reset the bean properties is an action on the bean which I want to reset The action-code public String reset() {"***** RESET START..."); FacesContext fc = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance(); if (fc.getExternalContext().getSessionMap().containsKey("invocation")) { log.debug("Remove bean from session..."); fc.getExternalContext().getSessionMap().remove("invocation"); } } ...

17. Setting Values for Bean Properties

18. Backing Bean having Map properties

19. Cant set managed bean property

21. How do I set this managed bean property?

Hi, I have this defined in my faces-config.xml ... FeatureDef com.myco.nps.config.common.beans.FeatureDef request feature_name #{param.feature_name} ... jsp/ConfigFeatures /jsp/ConfigFeatures.jsp #{ConfigFeaturesPage.editFeature} success /jsp/BLS.jsp In an instance where I am editing this object, what backing bean Java code do I need to write so that "param.feature_name" is populated with the variable "featureName" in the code below? public ...

22. Setting Bean property

25. Question on JSF Bean Property setting

JSF is almost pure MVC. I sat almost, because pure MVC isn't possible for any web-based framework, since part of MVC is that if the model changes, the controller should post updates to the view, and HTTP isn't allowed to send unsolicited data. The next best thing is to send the view updates as part of a response to a subsequent ...

26. Bean properties vs other Bean methods

Yes. It's called a "property 'get' method." Properties aren't the internal objects, they're what external accessors see. And if an external accessor sees a "get" method, as far as it's concerned, that's a property fetch. You can provide synthetic properties via internal computations, string operations, database fetches, or whatever and there will be no way for the external accessor code to ...

28. bean property not being updated

Hello, JSF is not updating the Managed bean properties when I change a page component. I have a println that shows the getter method is being invoked, but not the setter method. One of the "problem" JSP component is: it is not updating the bean property. The revelant objects follow. Thanks for your assistance. Here is ...

29. how to get managed bean properties in included js file.

Hello, we are using JSF1.1, JSTL, webui, SUN-RI I have a jsp page which is using JSTL , In which we include external JS files like bellow I want to access managed bean propeties in this external js file. Suppose i have a managed bean named Reports in this i have a properties like noOfReports. I want to ...