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1. Prettyfaces with Seam beans

Trying to solve this problem for two days without any luck. The problem occur when i try to define a url-mapping in pretty-config.xml that relay on a bean created with Seam

<url-mapping id="test">

2. How do i get custom post-processing after binding to a backing bean ? Java Server Faces

What the best way to get custom post-processing after binding to a backing bean, similar to onBind event when using a Spring MVC controller ? I suppose i need a PhaseListener (after ...

3. Seam Hibernate Validator displaying JSF messages

I have an application that uses Seam 2.2.2- JSF 1.1 - Hibernate Validator 3.1.0.GA. I am trying to display custom messages using hibernate validate message=() option. message=() gets displayed for other ...

4. Using seam:mail in Message Driven Bean

I'm familiar with JSF and have the requirement for automatically creating e-mails. I like the idea of seam:mail of templating e-mails in a JSF-style and also use JSF components:

  <m:from ...

5. JSF ConversationScoped bean not elevating scope between POSTs

I have a bean with an action method called view() and a field of type MyObject:

public class MyBean implements Serializable{
    private @Inject Conversation conversation; //has getter and setter

6. Resolve EL expressions programmatically on Seam managed beans

How can we resolve JSF EL expressions programmatically on Seam managed beans? I have tried the following, but it does not work:

private String resolveExpression(String expression){


7. Bean creation with Seam intergration in existing JSF project

Currently I started to use Seam within my existing JSF project with Richfaces components on a Tomcat webserver. Adding all of the jar-files went well and I can start my application. At first I tried to convert a managed bean with actionListener methods to a bean with scope EVENT using annotations. I removed the declaration from my faces-config file.