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1. JSF : How to update one session bean base on another session bean?

I am currently modifying some jsf application. I have two beans.

  • connectionBean
  • UIBean
When I set my connection parameters in connectionBean the first time, the UIBean is able to read my connectionBean information and ...

2. JSF Memory Usage Issue when using using session beans

I am working on an application that has a navigation tree which is a session bean. Every time I invoke the page that contain this bean, my memory usage will increase. However, ...

3. JSF - session scoped bean shared by browsers on different machines

We have a search form where the filter is bound to a property on a managed bean (session scope). It's not component binding, its property binding like <h:inputText value="#{searchBean.filter}"/>. Submitted data from ...

4. JSF: Clearing Session Scoped Bean

I was wondering, How would I do session.remove("userBean") in JSF after user closes the window (hitting 'X' of browser) on JSF 1.2. I was thinking to put a confirmation pop up ...

5. JSF + HashMap and its key

I have a database with 2 tables CD and Song. Session bean access then entity classes of those two tables. In my backing bean, I just have a String cd and ...

6. Synchonizing session scopped managed bean

I have 2 screens in my JSF 2.0 application. Screen 1 searches for students and lists students in a table. The student name in the results table is a link to ...

7. Can't get value of object in session scoped bean

Ok here is my session bean. I can always retrieve the currentUser from any Servlet or Filter. That's not the problem The problem is the fileList, and currentFile. ...

8. How to invalidate session in JSF 2.0?

What is the best possible way to invalidate session within a JSF 2.0 application? I know JSF itself does not handle session. So far I could find

private void reset(){
HttpSession session ...

9. Session Bean being lost?

The first "nonpostback" request to viewBean, someValue property in sessionBean is null. Now, in a postback request, I am setting a user input to someValue. The problem is that someValue is always ...

10. How to access & create another session bean within JSF

Possible Duplicate:
How to access session beans in JSF
I have a session bean that I need to initiliaze and load. I do that by using ...

11. ViewParam and session scoped bean

I defined viewParam to process a GET request but the session bean is null.

/treeTable2.xhtml @28,119 value="#{conformanceProfileController.dataValueAssertionController.library_line}": Target Unreachable, identifier 'conformanceProfileController' resolved to null
GET request:
XHTML code
  <f:viewParam name="category" value="#{conformanceProfileController.category}" />
The ...

12. How to change values in a JNDI bean?

I've seen this solution about sharing session for different applications in this topic: Any way to share session state between different applications in tomcat? I´ve been able to register a JNDI bean ...

13. JSF session scoped managed bean list

I have my JSF Handler defined in request scope as follows

public class JsfHandler {
  private List<ManagedBean>  managedBeanList;   // managed bean List in session scope


14. resetProperty() in session scoped managed bean called by default?

I have a session scoped managed bean, with a property current. If I have a method

   public void resetCurrent() {
       current = ...

15. Get session-scoped bean from GenericFacesPortlet

Is it somehow possible to accesse a sesssion-scoped bean in a class extending the GenericFacesPortlet? Is a portlet even aware of the FacesContext?

What do I want to achieve? I want to serve a ...

16. when to create beans in session

17. Session backing beans...

19. Session beans synchronization

20. Reset session scoped backing bean values

Hi how can i set the backing bean values(properties) to null in java scipt. My case is: ented to and from dates in a screen , which maps the entered values to backing bean. if it successfully gets the records from the databse i can continue to the next screen and if not come back same screen with values. This part ...

21. communication between 2 session beans

Hi, I have a situation where it makes sense in the code to have 2 session beans declared in faces-config.xml to talk to one another. The basic form stuff is declared in a session bean I call 'inputForm' (alias) and a helper bean called 'helper'. It makes sense to not have a concrete instance of the helper bean declared as an ...

22. session bean

23. Re-initializing a Session Managed Bean

Usually - and this is in general Java code, not just JSF - if I have a bean I want to initialize more than once, I make a method named init() and have the constructor(s) invoke it. The same approach works for JSF. One of the biggest problems I've found with JSF, in fact is that people insist on making esoteric ...

24. synchronizing session bean access

Hi, I have a managed bean configured something like this: formBean com.example.Form session queryBean com.example.Query request form #{formBean} It works fine in that the queryBean is passed the formBean when access in jsf/jsp page. Within the query class, I access the formBean, but I guess since formBean is in the session scope its possible the ...

25. Forcing managed bean into session scope

26. Session values of a Backing Bean in JSF

29. JSF Backing bean in session Scope and State_Saving_Method = Client

Hi, There may be lot of threads on this topic. But i could not find the answer for my scenario Scenario: I have a Managed Bean scope set to session. State Saving method = client. Question: 1) I know that the state of the page would be stored in Html as hidden field. Does this include the instance of the backing ...

31. Access session Bean from another backing Bean

Hello everybody, I have the following issue: I have a session bean containing some information that I want to access in another backing bean. So bean2 should somehow have access to bean1. I thought I could use managed-properties for that but somehow I cant find out how to do this. Who can help me ? with kind regards daniel

32. Firefox session reuse causing problems with backing beans

I have been testing my session handling and hit an odd problem: IE6 - new window, new httpSession, need to login again - OK IE7 - new window or new tab, new httpSession, need to login again - OK IE8 - new window or new tab, new httpSession, need to login again - OK Firefox - new window or new tab, ...

35. How to remove managed bean from session

36. Question about Session Scoped Bean

38. Remove managed bean from session

In JSF, when the session times out, as specified in the web.xml - let's say it is set for 2 minutes, what happens to managed beans not explicity removed from the session? For example: You use dynamic page navigation. Your user clicks a button with an action method wired in Class1. Class1 has a property for Class2. The action method in ...

39. Notifying user using JSF after the Asynchronous session bean method completes

Hi, I have a JSF application which uses a stateless session bean for sending mails to multiple recipients. As the process of sending mails will take time, I have marked the session bean method with @Asynchrnous annotation, so that user can continue using the application without waiting for the send mail process to be complete. I was wondering how (using JSF) ...

40. Calling DAO from session scoped bean

41. JSF Session-scope managed beans and Multiple browsers

I am building a web app that allows users to create and edit records. The forms are somewhat complex with a lot of fields, and use heavy partial page rendering for adding and removing entries. The managed beans are session-scope. Here is the perhaps familiar problem related to session-scoped beans: when a user opens more than one browser, bean data from ...

42. JSF 2.0 Session Scope not working - same session bean for multiple browsers

I don't know where you got the idea that J2EE sessions were assigned on a per-window basis. They aren't, and they never were, and that applies to ALL J2EE, not just to JSF and has since the beginning. Each webapp normally gets its a separate session per client, but a client (browser) would not normally get multiple sessions with one webapp. ...  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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