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1. Bean validation VS JSF validation

When facing the problem of validating a property in a JSF2 application there are two main approaches. Defining the validation on the ManagedBean using an Annotation

public class MyBean {

2. JSF 2 - Bean Validation: validation failed -> empty values are replaced with last valid values from managed bean

I do not understand the behaviour of JSF2 during valdation. Hope someone can help me. I have a form where the fields are validated after (ajax) submit - ok
If the ...

3. JSF2 i18n bean validation messages

How can I return a i18n localized bean validation message? For example, in:

@Size(min = 1, message = "{pleaseProvideADescription}")
private String description;
Even though I set properties file in faces-config.xml, and I include a ...

4. Is it possible to use bean level validation provided by JSF 2.0 in JSF 1.2

Is it possible to use bean level validation provided by JSF 2.0 in JSF 1.2 .

5. User input validation in managed bean problem(JSF 2.0 )

I am having some problems when i try to validate the user input from my JSF, in a managed beans. I recive the validation message in the console, but i dont ...

6. Bean Validation's resourcebundle parameterization possibility in JSF 2?

Using the resourcebundle with BV in JSF 2 would look something like this :

public class UserBean {
    @Size(min=13, message="{creditcard.length}")
    public String getCreditCard() {

7. JSF throw FacesMessage from regular bean method

In JSF's custom convertors and validators you can say:

FacesMessage message = new FacesMessage(
    FacesMessage.SEVERITY_ERROR, "Invalid length!",
    "Length = 8");
throw new ConverterException(message);
and ti sends the message ...

8. Is there a converter for String?

For converting String values in JSF bean validation, which converter will be used? Like for numeric values we use <f:convertNumber> and for date we use <f:convertDataTime>. My code snipest are as follows: JSF page:

<h:inputText ...

9. Bypass bean validation in JSF2?

I'm wondering if it's possible to bypass bean validators for certain actions in JSF2. I've generated entities from my DB schema using NetBeans 7, which include validation attributes. In my JSF ...

10. JSF - Bean level form validation for listbox

I have a form designed in JSF. I need to check if a listbox item is selected. I am doing bean-level validation. My code is:

<webuijsf:listbox style="margin-left:10px;" binding="#user$webreports$frequentvisitorscategories.listBox}"
id="listbox"  items="#frequentvisitorscategories.listboxDefaultOptions.options}"
selected="#{user$webreports$frequentvisitorscategories.selectedItemCategory}" rows="10" styleClass="listbox" ...

11. JSF2: bean validation with custom message bundle

I know the issue is discussed in many posts in the forum, however I'm still having problems customizing the messages for the bean validation. Maybe some little things missing in configuration ...

12. JSF 2.0, Bean Validation and labels

How can I show the field label in a JSF error message when bean validation is used?

<h:inputText label="Username" value="#{myBean.username}" />
public class MyBean {

13. JSF 2.0 + Bean Validation + More Validation Groups In One Form

I'm trying to create form for editing entity object when selected from datatable. So when user clicks commandButton in datatable, myBean.person property is filled with appropriate person object. Person has "status" ...

14. JSF Validator ordering

I am having a problem with some bean validation. Basically I have a form where internet users can create a new profile, and they must input their username there. I want to validate ...

15. Submit form without bean validation

I've got a form which has a domain model with some JSR-303 validation beans. Now I would like to include a "Save draft" feature without any validation. If I set immediate=true ...

16. Bean validation & password confirmation, email exist

I am using bean validation with annotations in my JSF project. I was wondering, how to create annotations for password confirmation and how to validate that an email doesn't exist in ...

17. Questions about Bean Validation vs JSF validation?

I have some questions about Bean Validation and JSF validation, currently I am using Bean validation:

  1. With the JSF validation, the validation works client side only, no request sent to server, and ...

18. @NotBlank doesn't work with JSF Bean validation

i am using javax & hibernate validation annotation in my managed bean, and when i use @NotNull or @NotBlank or @NotEmpty they doesn't seem to be working, any ideas why, and how ...

19. Customize bean validation message?

Two stupid questions about bean validation used in JSF:

  1. How can I remove the prefix form1:userName: from the output message?
    <h:message for="userName" /> 
    Which gets:
    form1:userName: Please enter a valid username (5-20 characters)
    I‘d also ...

20. How to disable the entire bean validation in JSF?

I want to process JSR-303 validation myself, i.e., get validation factory and invoke validate method myself:

class FormBean {
    void saveForm() {

21. Empty input value does not triggger @NotNull but it triggers @NotBlank

i have this entity:

import javax.validation.constraints.NotNull;
import org.hibernate.validator.constraints.NotBlank;

public class Supplier extends AbstractEntity
    private String name;


22. Disable bean validation in case of clearing/resetting form

CASE: the form contains input text for entering department name (can't be null or blank), and drop down list for selecting parent department (can be null), when entering data, and pressing ...

23. how can we update the Managed Bean data in Process Validation phase?

Hi all, i want a solution for updating the bean values in the phase of Process Validation, i want a scenario like this.. i have to validate a input filed , for this i wrote a validation class which implement Validator interface, in this validator class the input filed value should be validae by calling webService method. Based on this valid ...

24. Mojarra samples ... the bean-validator

25. Custom Bean Validator Not Called

This class level bean validation call is not being called. @Constraint(validatedBy = FieldPairRequiredValidator.class) @Target( {ElementType.TYPE, ElementType.CONSTRUCTOR} ) @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) @Documented public @interface FieldPairRequired { public abstract String message() default "When one field is specified, the second must be specified as well."; public abstract Class[] groups() default {}; public abstract Class[] payload() default {}; public String firstField(); public String secondField(); } ...

26. JSF 2 and Bean Validation + CC:s

28. little jsf bean validation problem

The purpose of converters is to transform non-string objects to and from string form because HTML is a text-only format but that isn't supposed to limit what kinds of objects users can work with. So there is no converter for strings, Validation annotations are useful things. They can be set on the primary definition of a data object to ensure that ...

30. Bean Validation message color