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1. How to read the table variable from a backing bean in JSF?

I am using MyFaces Trinidad, and want to create a single page where selection in one table reloads the content of another table to match the selection. The update is triggered by ...

2. JSF - Accessing a SessionScoped managed bean

I'm quite new in JSF and I'm doing some basic things to get a feeling of how one should work with it. In my one of the projects I have a ...

3. JSF - managed bean in variable?

Weird question, but i need to find an answer. Is there any way, in which i can manage managed beans in JSP? I`ll try to explain, what i want to do: Imagine, i ...

4. How to pass variable from jsf managed bean to jsp page

How can I pass a variable from JSF managed bean to JSP page. PS: I'm in portal context (liferay). I tried this: in Managed Bean:

HttpServletRequest request = (HttpServletRequest) FacesContext.getCurrentInstance().getExternalContext().getRequest();

request.setAttribute("var", "someTxt");
in JSP:

5. Preventing multiple getter invoke in a session managed bean?

i'm using jsf 2.0.2 + richfaces 3.3.3. what can i do so my getter won't be invoked multiple time ?? i have this:

@ManagedBean(name = "mybean")
public class mybean implements Serializable {    ...

6. JSF session beans best practices

I am working on a JSF application that was written overseas and it has some performance issues. Ive been trying to understand why the application might run slow and ive noticed that ...

7. Variable value is not resetted after session cleanup for sessionscoped bean

<h:commandButton value="Buy" styleClass="button-buy" actionListener="#{basketCount.incrementBasketCount}" immediate="true">
jsf2 part:
 <li class="basket">    
simple bean for action listening:
package main;



8. Is it possible to access a bean variable in jsf?

I want to access a string variable from a managed bean and compare it another value and thereby render a table only if they are equal. Can anyone help me on this? ...

9. JSF Static Bean Variable Scope

So, I've seen this post: JSF - session scoped bean shared by browsers on different machines But this was a question from two years ago, so I don't know if there ...

10. JSF - how to hit a bean method and redirect based on a get variable?

I'm using JSF2 (with Primefaces 2.1) on GlassFish. I have a page that is intended to allow people to reset their password. It accepts a "resetPasswordToken" as a GET parameter on ...

11. JSF2 Managed Bean variable initialization

I'm having some problems with bean initialization. I have an "edit" form to update some user data. The user is previously created in the database and I retrieve successfuly the data ...

12. Parameter in Bean variable