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1. jsf components rendering very slowly in IE ,but render faster in FF and chrome

I have a JSF application where the UI components render very slowly in IE7 but give a much better performance.Dont know what can be done ,but just throwing this question out ...

2. Write a custom HtmlResponseWriter JSF

For many internal problems that doesn't count now, We have a Servlet filter that changes all outcome that's application/xhtml+xml and rewrite to text/html;charset=UTF-8 so even using the facelets it'll work with ...

3. Render JSF component based on user role

How do I render JSF components based on a logged in user's role? I know the external context exposes the principals, but how should I do the rendering properly in JSF? ...

4. Custom JSF Component (call encodeBegin method when rendered is false?)

I have a custom jsf component which represents a form. This is composed by a few text boxes that need to be filled by users. If a user submit a form ...

5. Component which can take a collection and render it without any markup

Is there a JSF component which can take a collection of items and render it the way I want? Like a h:dataTable, but then without the markup of a HTML <table>. ...

6. How can I render a JSF component based on if the date is greater than today's date?

i get a date from server side and how do I compare this in my xhtml code, so that if it is less than today's date, I'll render the panel, otherwise ...

7. disabling and rendering components using by private boolean - other way

i have a cosmetic problem. I'm using

private boolean production = true;
(+ getters and setters) for inner logic of application. And in the JSF I'm calling it for rendering or disabling components, ...

8. JSF2: How do I render composite component's children at a specific location within component?

I have problem referencing and displaying composite component's childs like that:

  <h:outputText value="some text"/>
  <h:outputText value="another text"/>
Where mycomponent is defined like that:
  <!-- some tags here -->

9. JSF2 composite component - condition on method attribute existenc

I have a simple composite component with an optional ajax listener implemented with the richfaces a4j:ajax component. Here is the interface definition :

<!-- INTERFACE -->
<composite:interface name="inplaceInput">
    <composite:attribute ...

10. Evaluating the "rendered" attribute of h:outputStylesheet inside a composite

I've got a problem, concerning the "rendered" attribute of a h:outputStylesheet inside my composite component.

<h:outputStylesheet rendered="#{cc.attrs.value == 'somevalue'}" library="css" name="mainDark.css" target="head" />
does not work, even if the EL evaluates to 'true'. ...

11. In JSF - How do I render a component if browser is x

I have a web application in which I have certain components that should not be rendered if the browser is Internet Explorer. I can technically use jquery but I'm assuming that's ...

12. Force component render order in jsf

I have a (IBM)jsf 1.2 application where i try to show errors at the top of the page using a faces managed bean, my problem is if an error is created in ...

13. Why does composite component "rendered" attribute throw an IllegalArgument Exception?

I create a composite component like this:

    <cc:attribute name="value" 

15. Problems rendering custom component

16. components and shared rendering

17. Custom component with children - Child component added at end appears as first child when rendered.

I have a custom JSF component that renders navigation links. The following is a typical usage of the component: And, the rendered content will appear as ...

18. how to render a component based on condition

hi all, I have a component say, .To this i am binding values using . In the backing bean i am getting values from database into a map and i am binding that map to like as shown below: Now my requirement is that when mapValue is in sessionScope then only should render. How can ...

19.  component not rendered