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1. What jsf component can render a div tag?    stackoverflow.com

Eg h:inputText will render a "input type='text'". What jsf tag can render a "div" tag?

2. Why won't my Facelets loop variable go out of scope?    stackoverflow.com

I know this looks like a lot of text, but I think it's a pretty simple concept I'm missing. I'm writing a web application with Facelets. I've got a custom tag rq:request-list ...

3. Can generic types be used as the "type" of a composite component's attribute tag?    stackoverflow.com

It looks to me like composite components' attributes don't allow generic types. Here's a simple test case:

<cc:attribute name="stringList" type="java.util.List&lt;java.lang.String&gt;" />
The error I get is,
java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: java.util.List<java.lang.String>
(If I replace the &lt; and &gt; ...

4. unable to use div tag inside composite components    stackoverflow.com

I wrote the following code and save it as a separate file.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <div id="crb_header">

5. Render a HtmlSelectOneMenu with only one entry as readonly inputfield in jsf?    stackoverflow.com

Well we're trying to render a shitload of lists. Some of them have only one entry and we want them to appear as read only input fields (so users don't get ...

6. jsf 2.0 Custom Component/Tag NOT COMPOSITE    stackoverflow.com

Ok. I've looked everywhere for a simple example on how to create a custom jsf 2.0 custom component. Basically, I am trying to create a tag that I can use, for example, ...

7. Adding a tag handler to a JSF 2.1 composite component    stackoverflow.com

I have a custom component

    <composite:attribute name="var"></composite:attribute>

 <h:dataTable var="#{cc.attrs.var}">             ...

8. When to use JSF Component libraries tags?    stackoverflow.com

I know the simple answer to this question is "if the component you need is not defined in JSF tag library you can use a component library". What about simple components ...

9. Ddifferences between Facelets Custom Tags, Composite Components and Custom Components    stackoverflow.com

What are the diferences between:

  1. Facalets Custon Tags (defined in facelet-taglib xml file.
  2. JSF 2.0. Composite Components (defined in xhtml file)
  3. JSF 2.0. Custom Components (defined in Java classes annotated by @FacesComponent) ?
Can I ...

10. Whether tag handlers are needed in creating a t:tree component    coderanch.com

Dear dudes, I want to create a simple tree structure in my jsf page backed by a backing bean. But my jsf page is getting executed but my tree is not getting displayed. my jsf page: ...