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1. JSF calendar Component

I need to add a popup calender using JSF. i am using netbeans 6.9.1 and galssfish 3.1. I googled and found this

<ui:calendar binding="#{booking.calDate}" id="calDate" 

2. webui.jsf.component.Calendar language problem

ok i found these lines in file in the webui-jsf.jar String[] monthNames = dateFormat.getDateFormatSymbols().getMonths(); getMonths() returns january, February... I want to use setMonths before this line but i can only ...

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6. Popup calendar component with Sun RI JSF 1.1

Hi, I am presently working on jsf1.1 with Sun's reference implementation. I need to create a popup candar type of component. It will behave similar to that of tomahawk's