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1. Extending JSF commandLink component

I created a Facelet component to extend h:commandLink (to add some functionality and rounded corners).

<ui:composition xmlns=""
    <span class="btn-left btn-corners">&#160;</span>
    <span type="submit" class="submit">

2. jsf 2.0 - Pass an outcome as string into a composite component

I'm creating a simple composite component with jsf2, and i'm stucked because of a stupid problem. I don't know how to send to the composite an outcome as parameter, which will be ...

3. Extend JSF component CommandLink

how can i extend a jsf primeface link? I want to use the actionListener attribute with the link and overwrite the encodeAll methode

4. How to set an on a commandLink in a composite component.

I have a commandLink inside a composite component. I'd like to be able to pass an f:param to the commandLink so that I can use them to set the request parameters when ...