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1. Can you have JSF custom components in different OSGi bundles?

Has anyone used OSGi and JSF together? I ask because JSF uses class-loader magic to find custom components. From a tutorial (emphasis mine):

This configuration file will end up being ...

2. JSF Header with Login Component?

I'm pretty new to JSF and the many many related technologies out there. I'm trying to make a website that has a header which includes a logo, navigation links, and a login ...

3. ADF Custom Components

Where is the best place to find custom compnonents? Ideally a repository, as opposed to finding a few here and there. We are currently about to re-design our look and feel ...

4. date+time picker for jsf

Is there any ready-to-use component for JSF that allows to chose the Date + the Time of an event? All components I know only allow for date. adding time manually is ...

5. Can someone describe the component-based paradigm in java web programming?

I am trying to learn java web programming. I come from a perl scripting background and know very little Java, much less JSF/Seam/EJB3.0. I've made a LOT of progress in ...

6. Devexpress components like in Java (JSF)?

Is there any components like Devexpress (.NET) for JSF?

7. JSF 2.0 Components

Does anyone know of any good resources for JSF 2.0 components? I'm trying to develop a file upload component to teach myself JSF 2.0 and Servlet 3.0 but I'm having a ...

8. How to get internal content of jsf component?

I have a component's library and this library has Chart component. Chart is actually a jpg image. I need to access this image. I need some basic tips where to search ...

9. Passing data between managed components in JSF

Is it actually possible to pass any data between managed components in JSF? If yes, how to achieve this? Could anyone provide any sample?

10. JSF implementations and component libraries

I have just started using JSF and I have three questions related to JSF implementations and component libraries

  1. What is the difference between JSF Implementations and Component Libraries?
  2. What are the various JSF ...

11. In JSF the "saveState()" method is being called twice. Why?

I put two output statements, one at the beginning of "save()" and one at the end for a custom JSF component. The "saveState()" is in the UIComponent object. Why ar e ...

12. JSF component for Gantt chart

I need a jsf component for representing Gantt chart. Does any components library (like RichFaces) contains this component?

13. Horizontal placement of components in JSF

Should be simple but I couldn't find the answer, I would like to place components horizontally instead of vertically. What I'm trying to achieve is a rich:toolbar with 2 or more rows. ...

14. Are there any JSF components for implementing breadcrumb navigation?

As far as I know there are two "kinds" of breadcrumbs. The static/hierarchy one

  • Works like a stack
  • Entries are pushed when a user goes "deeper" into the site
  • Entries are poped when user goes ...

15. JSF2.0: variable list of custom component

Is there any way of using JSF2.0 in connection with variable lists of components? For example, lets say I have list o people that I would like to edit. They are ...

16. How to display two different types of components based on a boolean variable in jsf?

I have thought about this for a while - not getting a good idea. This is the problem. I will have to display a text either in a text box or as ...

17. How to create custom component using JSF 1.2?

I am new in the JSF world, please tell me step by step answer of how to create JSF custom component i search on the net but i didn't get any ...

18. JSF 2.0 custom components with XSLT

Is it possible to write own JSF 2.0 components with help of XSLT?

19. How to iterate through all components displayed on the screen

I have a highly dynamic single page interface where various user events trigger new fields to display on the screen. I am using jsf 1.1 and basic ajax without the ...

20. Creation on JSF custom component for credit card

I need to create one textfield custom components which accepts only credit card number like following format xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx and it should accept only number. so how can i do that i ...

21. How to ignore invalid XML in JSF?

Is it possible to ignore invalid xml-syntax in jsf-files? I'm writing my own components is jsf 2 and want to create a dynamic table, so i want to render tr- and ...

22. JSF 2.0 timer component

I'm looking for a component that counts down a specific duration on the client side (e.g. to display the remaining time until an auction finishes). The component does not need to ...

23. Creating Custom JSF 1.2 Components

We are migrating some of our custom components from JSF 1.1 to 1.2. We have one component (a date selector) which extends HtmlInputText component. We are getting a JSP ...

24. How to use Component class in JSF2

I'm developing custom jsf2 component, that has an datasource attribute. There are some operations on datasource, that belongs to VIEW. For instance, there is a method that returns some image for ...

25. What is the definition of "component" in JSF

What is the definition of "component" in JSF 2.0? What is the definition of component in Facelets used in JSF 2.0? Of course I googled for it but I did not find ...

26. Help selecting java component-based web framework

I'm interested in trying and learning a component-based web framework. Currently, I only have experience with action-based frameworks like Spring MVC and Grails. I'm deciding between: JSF 2.0, Wicket, and Tapestry. ...

27. Custom jsf component project

i'm starting a project with eclipse helio, that contains more than one custom jsf component; the project is built into a jar and ambeeded in a web project. I'm experimenting some problem ...

28. JSF - Is it possible to create my own component?

I'd like to know if it's possible to make my own component (or call it Widget, Object). I mean, instead of (for example) using h:panelGroup and a h:outputLabel inside it, make my ...

29. How to pass ArrayList/lists/iterables argument to a JSF1.2 custom components

I am trying to show a list of images from my backing bean which has a function

public getImgList(){
    return ArrayList<string>imgPathList;
Now this List has to be rendered to a ...

30. faces components not being displayed

I am trying to make a very simple application. With a starting menu as a welcome page, however I am having problems with faces components not being displayed. The relevant ...

31. Custom components in JSF - what about sub-components (children)

When Im creating custom component in JSF do I have to create all sub-components in that same way?

For example: h:dataTable component use h:column to determinate column parameters
Now if I want to create ...

32. Where to put composition components?(JSF 2.0)

I am continuing my practices with JSF 2.0. I see templating is a great thing to do, and it has lots of advantages. But today i got a new doubt related ...

33. hx:inputHelperSpinner usage for Time Component

I would like to use inputhelperspinner component(hx:inputHelperSpinner) provided by IBM JSF when displaying time in hh:mm format. Can anyone provide an example. Thanks.

34. Is there an "abstract" component in JSF?

Like div/span in HTML, I'd like to know if there has similar tags in JSF. It should be meaningless in HTML display, but only for organizing document composition. For example:

<h:abstractGroup id="a" rendered="false">

35. When to write custom components appropriately?

While designing my jsf pages I realized that some of the components are being re-used at least twice or thrice in my application's different layouts. For example, as a hypothetical situation ...

36. Is there any JSF Select Time Zone component out there?

I have been looking for this for a while and haven't found it. It is surprisingly complicated as shown in this old IceFaces tutorial. What is needed is ...

37. Custom Component using JSF

I want to create my own tag, but it doesn't work Component:

package com;

import javax.faces.component.UIOutput;
import javax.faces.context.FacesContext;
import javax.faces.context.ResponseWriter;

public class Printer extends UIOutput {
    private String label;

    public ...

38. "ValueExpression Map" of a JSF component

I'm storing value expressions in a JSF component with the f:attribute tag, e.g.:

<h:inputText ...>
  <f:attribute name="myId1" value="#{bean.prop1}" />
  <f:attribute name="myId2" value="#{bean.prop2}" />
  <f:attribute name="myId3" value="#{bean.prop3}" />
Is there a ...

39. JSF components in HttpSession

Originally posted by Sanz Vai: It's true that you can serialize your own session objects and store them, say as Blobs in database. But you are not managing the JSF session objects. They are done by JSF framework. All the JSF object, which implements saveState & restoreState methods will be taken care by JSF. You just need to specifiy javax.faces.STATE_SAVING_METHOD=client in ...

40. Programatically manipulate a component

42. How to succesfully replace 4 components with 7? :)

Related to my previous post, I'm trying to allow a user to click a link and show 3 more file components upload and not to complicate things too much. Since javascript can't be of any help with setting rendered attribute and I don't like the solution of showing and hiding additional div with comps inside (if nothing than because of the ...

44. Components Libraries

45. Extending Base Components

46. Extending Standard Components

47. Clean up TLD for custom components

48. Spreadsheet custom component

Well, for the table display with sorting I'd look into this component... The excel export is a pretty good idea. At my day job we're doing that for some reports, so now you got me thinking. A custom component would probably work, but I was thinking you could also write a standard function to handle this. 1) Bind the table ...

49. add child component

50. Creating Customised Components

51. Composing components

52. Custom Component

53. Adding Component on Runtime

54. Creating Drop Down lists in datagrid client component

Hello Group, Question from a newbie to using JSF. I am currently trying to design a UI for which I am unable to find an example. I was hoping to get your advice on how to create a datagrid client component in which one of the columns is a drop down list. Steps I followed: 1) Created a simple bean ( ...

55. Custom Component in JSF

56. Which JSF component to use?

Hi All, I am building a page based on JSF/MyFaces. It is split into 2 areas - on the left a tree navigation structure and on the right an area in which the selected page (from the tree) will be rendered. So, if a user selects a link, the page is rendered opposite while the tree is still visible. My question ...

57. Authorization in JSF based on permission of a component

Hello, I am trying to render components based on a permission. so let say that there are following permissions Admin Application-Read Application-Write Development I need to set a permission for each component on a page. Some user can only see the components that are ready only, others can see components that are for read/write users, and Admin person can see all ...

58. What is a Component?

The soul is dyed the color of its thoughts. Think only on those things that are in line with your principles and can bear the light of day. The content of your character is your choice. Day by day, what you do is who you become. Your integrity is your destiny - it is the light that guides your way. - ...

59. sun studio creator 2 components

60. problm with InputDate component

61. creating JSF components at runtime

62. Custom Date Component

Hi there, I have been trying to use the MyFaces extension components. The component is nice but the problem with it is, it displays the month followed by the date( 05 April). I want it to be in the reverse order (April 05). Is there any way that this can be manipulated so that i get month followed by ...

63. Book: Creating Components?

64. question about extending component capabilities

I think someone asked this same question a month or 2 back, so you might want to search the forums. Short answer: JSF objects are subclassable, so yes, you can extend them. However you'll have to define a new tag and associated TLD to associate this newly-enhanced object type with appropriate descriptions of its capabilities.

66. JSF component are stateful

67. Folder Selection Component

68. Packaging Custom Components

You can put them into a jar - components, servlet and all. If the jar's dropped into an app's WEB-INF/lib directory that should make eveything accessible. As far as actually integrating the component into an app, I don't think there's anything you can do beyond giving instructions to the developer. Of course, if you're looking to do something major, you can ...

69. Continuous polling JSF component to refresh its state

Originally posted by Ravisekhar Kopparthi: Hi Robin, I don't remember any AJAX solution for your problem. There is a simple trick in HTML put this in head section of your JSP containing your JSF datatable where 600 is the number of seconds the browser waits to refresh the page. In your backing bean do a databind ...

70. Single collapsable panel component

71. JSF with RAD 6 and 3rd party components

Yes at my previous project, we tried to do include some of the components from Apache's "MyFaces" with the already existing components from IBM, then you are asking for lot of unwarranted issues... It's not really worth because of some of the JAR incompatibilities that Myfaces needs with respect to the WebSphere Server Run time environment(assuming you are planning to run ...

74. JSF Components for JMX

75. getting the component when it is a specific TYPE

Here is the scenerio: we would like to write a class that checks each page to see if it contains anHTMLDataTable. In that class we would like to get the tables id and set the row value to Max value when a button is clicked. These pages can have multiple datatables that have different names AND they also have multiple jsp ...

76. JSF Custom Component

77. custom component problem

78. NotSerializableException + jsf custom components

I seem to receive a NotSerializableException whenever I try to make a request to a jsf page I recently developed. I began to notice this problem when I changed the STATE_SAVING_METHOD to client in the web.xml file. The exception seems to be pointing to a textbox custom component we developed. Do custom components need to implement Serializable? Maybe I am confused ...

79. JSF component state management

81. JSF-DWR Components not adding to viewroot

Hi Team I am trying to integrate the JSF & DWR. In the jsp page I have got a dataTable which is iterating over a list of objects, based upon whose values the components are displayed inside DataTable. The final output of the dataTable is a series of questions against which there are various type of components which server as answer ...

82. All components in RenderPhaseListener

83. "Remember Me" Login Component

84. IndexOutOfBoundsException at javax.faces.component.UICompo

Hi, I am using JSF RI 1.1 and tomahawk 1.1.3 and application server is Weblogic 8.1 I am getting this exception in one of my pages. It does not happen everytime, but appears once in a blue moon... My project goes live in couple of days and I have no clue why is this happening... could not find any thing on ...

85. Customizing the t:inputDate component

86. JSF Custom Components Examples

87. JSF hide components

89. using "h:selectBooleanCheckbox" component

Hello - I'm storing a flag/boolean property of a bean as an int (0 or 1) in my db, and want to render it using the

90. jsf components

91. Looking for JSF 1.2 Components

92. Extending JSF Components

93. Suggestion Needed for Display Component

Hello all, I have a requirement for a project and i am kind of stuck. I am suppose to craet two pages one that allows a user to upload a word document resume and the other to display this file to the user on the next page . I have components that can let me upload files, But is there a ...

94. Best AJAXable component in JSF ???

95. Expand TreeNode from another component

97. i need to display the h:selectManyCheckbox component in to two column

Hai every one i am using the h:selectManyCheckbox component in my page I am use pageDirection layout for that component I need to control the height of the component If the height is Exide I need to display like a two column It is possible how to do that ... By Thiagu.m

100. How many components do I need?

I would hope just once in the column definition, meaning if you have 5 columns then 5 definitions for tooltips, because I would assume that each gets it from a different source. Unless there is a way to define it once. So basically, I am speaking out of my you know what, and just guessing here. So I will shut up ...