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1. jsf 2 composite component problem when use f:facet

I am new to JSF, so I have many problems with it. I have solved much, but now I have a problem when I make composite component of column. This is the ...

2. Newbie in JSF: composition vs composite

I am starting development on a new web application which uses JSF 2 as the view technology. I have no prior experience with JSF and am a bit confused about the concepts.
I ...

3. Generate Documentation for JSF 2 composite components

I'm looking to generate documentation for a custom JSF 2 composite component library. The composite components are not referenced in any faces-config.xml file, but rather the .xhtml files for the ...

4. JSF 2.0 custom composite controls & nesting

Greetings, I'm trying to implement my custom TAB control. I'd like it to be based on new composite components feature of JSF 2.0:

<i:tabControl width="480" height="320" value="#{backingBean.someIterable}" var="tab" >
    <i:tabItem href="#{tab.href}" ...

5. JSF Composite Component

I'm trying to create a composite component for use in my Seam application, and I'm running into problems with the simplest "hello, world" component. I have placed a file named hello.xhtml in ...

6. First simplest composite component not working. JSF

I am following this tutorial :- But it's not working for me. This is my index.xhtml :-

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>
<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">
<html xmlns=""

7. Composite Components - send more than one f:setPropertyActionListener jsf2

I am trying to create a custom component that recieves a link and adds style class. In the original link, that the user may have f:setPropertyActionListener more than once. I don't want to ...

8. JSF define custom namespace for component declaration

when you use a component from extarnal libraries (or custom component) in JSF page you add the xmlns declaration, for example: xmlns:util=" I would like to know what I have to do to ...

9. JSF2 has children

I'm writing a composite component, you have a special tag named:

<composite:insertChildren />
Which inserts all the component's children there. Is there any way to know whether the component has children? Like a ...

10. JSF composite component childrens

Is there any way using EL to retrieve a children list so i can iterate through it with

   <ui:repeat value="#{Magic El expression}" var="children" >

11. jsf difference between implicit objects cc and component

Maybe this is a dumb question, but I use

to refer to the composite component, for instance cc.attrs.randomAttr but I have also seen the
implicit object and I have used it because ...

12. JSF composite:insertFacet and composite:renderFacet

I want to have a composite component with a facet in it, which I implement in my "implementation" of this composite component. My problem are ids, because when I only define ...

13. How to make a grid of JSF composite component?

I have lot's of outputLabel and inputText pairs in panelGrids

<h:panelGrid columns="2">
  <h:outputLabel value="label1" for="inputId1"/>
  <h:inputText id="inputId1/>

  <h:outputLabel value="label2" for="inputId2"/>
  <h:inputText id="inputId2/>

I want to have some ...

14. ActionExpression with composite components

I am attempting to create a composite component that has a managed bean as an attribute and creates a variety of t:commandLink's whose action attributes will be various commands from the ...

15. Date conversion exception inside JSF composite component

When I access a JPA managed date value from JSF, it comes back with an javax.faces.component.UdateModelException saying

'Cannot convert 01.01.10 00:00 of type class java.util.Date to class$util$Date$proxy 
Using a JPA-managed date ...

16. Is there such a thing as inheritance in JSF 2 composite components?

Is there such a thing as inheritance in JSF 2 composite components? As far as I know, there isn't. I'm just making sure. Thanks!

17. Where is JSF 2.1 complete documentation?

I have many questions regarding JSF 2.1. I post most of them here since, I could never find the real ultimate documentation where I can get the answers. For example, I would currently ...

18. The basics of JSF Custom+Composite Components in JSF 2.0

I've created a new question that should better explain my situation I'm working with something similar to the example given here What I'm doing requires a preprocessing of one of the ...

19. Is it possible to call parameterized method-signature inside a composite-component?

im currently creating a JSF composite-component with a method signature that can accept parameters. Here's the excerpt :

    <composite:attribute name="activateHeroMethod" method-signature="java.util.List action(," />


20. JUnit for JSF2.0 composite components

We are starting to build infrastructure components in JSF2.0. What is the best approach for unit testing them? I tried JSFUnit in the past but wasn't satisfied with it. Is there an easier ...

21. Using resources of composite components from an external JAR

I am using my composite components in an external jar-archive. In my jar-archive i have resources like images and css-files. For example, one of my components uses a button with an ...

22. Using CSS in composite components in a JAR

I have created a composite component in JSF2. I works great. I would like to create it as JAR for future use. I followed the instructions here. However, when it comes to ...

23. JSF Recursive Composite Component

I have a recursive object bean structure, which is like list of Master DTO -> value -> list of Master DTO I am trying to create a recursive composite component with one input ...

24. JSF: extending standard components via composite interface

I'm trying to extend JSF's component class (let it be one of h:panelGroup) and render it via composite component: Step 1:

public class CustomPanel extends HtmlPanelGroup { // or UIPanel
Step 2:
<!-- INTERFACE -->
<composite:interface ...

25. JSF composite components. How do I pass top-level f:facet to underlying component?

For a long time I had one composite component defined and used as follows:

<!-- simple -->
  <composite:facet name="header"/>
  <composite:renderFacet name="header"/>

  <f:facet name="header">
Now ...

26. How to localize JSF 2 composite components

I have some doubts on how localization works with composite components in JSF, i want to understand well how it works. So i decided to practice localization for composite components with a ...

27. Fail to call method inside JSF 2.0 Composite Component

I am learning to use Composite Componentes in JSF 2.0. First I created this component bellow. It declares a managedBean and call a method of the managedBean directly.


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