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In my application the component has to change dynamically. I am having a Datatable in that i am having two column, first is a <h:selectoneMenu> in the menu i am having ...

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My requirement is like this: I am having a text input and whenever a value change event occurs, a select many list box has to be populated. If there is no ...

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I am interested in creating a dynamic component in JSF. By that I mean a component that looks and acts differently dependent on the variables it is passed. Let's take an easy ...

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I have created an application which build a grid or a matrix of elements dinamycally. When I try to navigate to another page I get an error: This is the code: p

rivate ...

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Currently I'm trying to implement webpart technology with JavaServer Faces 2.0 with Facelets view technology for educational purposes. I have created facelet templates, facelet custom components and made a few facelet ...

6. How to programmatically or dynamically create a composite component in JSF 2    stackoverflow.com

I need to programatically create composite components in JSF 2. After few days of searching and experiments I figure out this method (higly inspired by Lexi at java.net):

 * Method ...

7. Adding custom jsf components to dynamically created htmlDataTable    stackoverflow.com

Ok reformulate my question, it is long. I have a custom jsf component; in encodebegin method i have:

enter code here
public void encodeBegin(FacesContext context, UIComponent component)  throws IOException

    HtmlAjaxOutputPanel ...

8. JSF 2.0 dynamic attributes without creating new components    stackoverflow.com

How do you add new attributes to a component that doesn't define those attributes without creating your own. I want to do something like this

<h:commandButton actionListener="#{manager.saveNew}" value="#{i18n['School.create']}" secured="true" />
or at least, a ...

9. Is it possible to implement a dynamic tree of components in JSF?    stackoverflow.com

I am attempting to construct a component tree in JSF 1.2 (Mojarra) where the tree consists of multiple types of junction and leaf nodes. Each leaf node needs to render ...

10. set `action` attribute to a dynamically evaluated string    stackoverflow.com

I need to set the action for a commandLink dynamically.

<ice:repeat value="#{mLeft.links}" var="xxx">
    <cvu:leftLink value="#{xxx.value}" action="#{xxx.action}" />
My custom tag:
// old
    <ice:commandLink immediate="#{immediate}">

11. How to create a composite component with dynamic attributes?    stackoverflow.com

I have this composite component:

    <cc:attribute name="image_1" />
    <cc:attribute name="image_2" />
    <cc:attribute name="image_3" />

    <div id="slider-container">

12. JSF Facelets Dynamic Component Tree Rebuild    stackoverflow.com

I have something like an extension point in a view. The extension point looks like this:

<c:forEach items="#{extensionContext.extensions}" var="ext">
    <ui:include src="#{ext.src}"/>
This code is within a panel and that panel ...

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I figured it out. In Rational Application Developer6, click on the 'selectManyList' component in design view. Then go to properties and select 'Add set of choices'. In there, you tell it the name of the collection and the contained type, and the field(s) to display. The code ends up looking as such: The output is ...

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Hello First of all, thanks for reading this. I'm JSF newby and I have a problem with the design... I'd like to open a page with table displaying the data relevant to a selected item in a previous page. But I want to have a separate bean for accessing the data for every table. The bean should be initialised everytime the ...

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Originally posted by Ichabod Grabarkowitz: Who in their right mind would want to add components under program control when they can use html type scripting?? That's almost as crazy as wanting an easy to use timer. javascript: x() Confused Burf There are people that prefer that dynamic Java mechanism over the stupid craze of DHTML and the stupidity of Javascript based ...

21. Setting a Component readonly Dynamically    coderanch.com

Great Idea! Thanks... I tried it in all possible places (Before/After Phase Listeners), it is invoking setReadOnly also (As I see through debugger), But it never renders in readOnly mode. If I check the tree before rendering it still shows as readOnly="false" for all components.. Where do you think is the right place to implement this logic? Thanks, Mike

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Hello I want to build a tree in jsf. Here i want server side toggling of the tree nodes. ie; the tree should be even driven. Thus the requirement comes down to 1) Server side toggling - only the expanded node should be refreshed and not the entitre jsf page 2) When a node is selected, the content in the middle/body ...

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I need recommendation on what is the best way for this requirement. I need to have a custom jsf component which will be as follows: We have attributes (these are not tag attributes) defined in the database for various group. Lets say the group "user", has attributes "name", "phoneNo" defined in the database. The metadata of the attributes contain information about ...

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Hello All, I have an issue regarding dynamic creation of text on a visual web JSF page. My intention is to create a user then once the form is submitted to show a confirmation page showing what privileges the user was given. Because there is no set number of privileges a user can be given I cannot hard code this and ...

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Hi, I am a beginner in java programming. I query a database and display them in a fixed set of jsf components in a jsp page. Basically its a 8 rows table and 3 columns table. And hence I have displayed as below simply. Each row had only 3 columns to display as below. ...

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