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1. Is it possible to component encode a URL with a # anchor in it using h:outputLink?    stackoverflow.com

I have a URL that looks like
http://server/context/page.jsf?param1=value1#state=statename::stateparam=value2 Is there anyway to the take this URL and encode the components (the two values) using h:outputLink? I've tried

<h:outputLink value="page.jsf">
    <f:param name="param1" ...

2. custom component and character encoding    coderanch.com

Hello I write my own component that represent a tree. But I have a question. If i write in jsp page a tag where text "main page" in other language (Russian) JSF will output next html code & # 1 0 4 3 ; & # 1 0 8 3 ; & # 1 0 7 2 ...

3. Encoding child components    coderanch.com

Hi, I'm wondering how I can automate the encoding of components within a parent component. The catch is, I don't think they count as child components or that they'll be dealt with automatically by the encodeChildren() method. The component's value is a special class containing, among other things, references to one or more component objects. If I can, I'd like to ...