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1. Glassfish not display JSF components

On my index.xhtml I have Java Server Face components which are displayed correctly and use a managed bean. But if I link to any other page or even a page with ...

2. JSF 2.0 Custom Components Problem

Hello everyone I have a problem when i create a custom component in JSF 2.0 I've created a simple component "myPanel". I put it in WebContent/resources/components folder. Here's the code of the component :


5. Help with RequestDispatcher.include() in jsf component

I am trying to create a custom component that mimics jsp:include that will allow me to dynamically include snippets of jsf into a jsf page. The main idea is to use this to include dataTable jsf snippets that can be reconfigured at runtime. I also have some grander plans; but, for now, getting the includes to work would be great.