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1. a composite component inside panelgrid is not 'expanded'

Basically, i've been using this pattern again and again inside a panelgrid :

<h:panelGrid columns="2" >
    <h:outputLabel for="heroName" value="Hero Name : " />

2. Iterating component that acts like panelGrid

I have a list of items I want to iterate over, and display in a panel grid format - ie specify a number of columns, and then the component just adds table cells, wrapping around to the next row when it reaches the column count - just as the PanelGrid does. ie specifying 3 columns, with 5 items in the list ...

4. JSF2.0, Possibility to align Components in panelgrid

Hello, i just try JSF2 and have a little Problem. I want to make a box/table with this layout: A1 A2 B1 B2 C1 I use grdipanels and my question ist how can i align a component (commandbutton) C1 horizontally?? I solved it with css positioning left:110px, but this is not very dynamic. Any suggestions? Thanks Jrg Orlowski