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1. how to personnalize item display in a JSF selectOneMenu component?

I am actually using h:selectOneMenu to display items, given to it from f:selectItems tag. Rather than displaying a text, I wanna prefer to display an image. How is it possible, since there I ...

2. Why validation message is not displayed for a selectOneMenu component(JSF 2)?

I use this class for doing validation from input fields:

public class UserInputValidation {

    public void validateCity(FacesContext context, UIComponent validate,

3. Render other selectOneMenu components after selection of one selectOneMenu

I want to have multiple <h:selectOneMenu> that are displayed by selection of main <h:selectOneMenu> example which is not working

<h:form id="selectForm">
    <h:selectOneMenu id="main" value="#{bean.main}">

5. The styleclass on h:selectOneMenu component is not working

Hi Anil, I am using JSF1.0, looks like JSF1.1 has fixed this defect. I am yet to try JSF1.1, and I can't go for the latest version JSF1.2 as I have the limitation to use JDK1.4 I am new to JSF, so don't know which JSF RI to use. Can you please suggest me what all JSF RI projects are available ...

8. Specify selection width for a h:selectOneMenu component in IE

Hi ! I am not able to see menu item's value if it is greater than combo box width. In FireFox the selection for items is expanding automatically so that items values could be seen in any case but in IE it is fixed... and in above case the items are cut. Please if you have an idea how to solve ...